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It is a program that will help you download files from the web in a very easy and specific way.
It has been designed to tackle the following issues:
An html page containing many links to files (movies, audio, documents, archives, executables, etc). In this case the program parses the page and identifies the urls of the files.
These are then inserted in the “Files Found” list. The user can now choose among them the ones that should be downloaded.
An html page having embedded a file. Most usually this will be either a pdf document or a movie file. This results in the page loading the particular file through the explorer.
This poses two problems:
1) The file, if a movie, can not be saved.
2) The file, if large, will take a considerable amount of time to load. This may result in the internet browser to halt temporarily, giving rise to an unpleasant situation.
The program gives a solution to the above problems by downloading the file rather than loading it. There is a link in a page that when clicked will result in the browser loading the file rather than downloading it.
This problem is similar to the above and the solution is likewise straightforward. The user has only got to copy the url of the file in the “Link to file” texbox under the “Grab” tab. The file will be immediately downloaded.
The user may simply drag & drop the url of an html page or a file to download. Otherwise he may copy & paste it in the appropriate text boxes or even type it in by himself.
WebGrab Features:
1) Easy to use
2) Download file in seconds
3) Remove the link text from the text box
4) Add a link to a webpage from within the program
5) Drag & Drop Files
6) Download File from a Webpage
7) Support 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,100 files
8) Support network shortcuts
9) Support.html,.pdf,.mov,.zip,.tar,.gz,.cab files
10) Support.exe,.rar,.pdf,.tar,.zip,.gz,.mov,.htm,.avi,.rar,.pdf,.tar,.zip,.cab,.html,.pdf,.tar,.gz,.cab,.html,.pdf,

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WebGrab is a front-end to Fetch and other web fetchers and robots (usually referred to as spiders). WebGrab will download media files if present on a Web page (presented as a link, a video, a movie, an audio file, a download link, etc.). When a file is downloaded via WebGrab, the name of the file will be parsed from the URL.
WebGrab Features
Simple to use:
WebGrab is extremely easy to use. There is no need to define search string. It will pick all files that have been “found” by the system. For example, if there is a file called “Myfile.txt” on a web page on the same web server, it will be automatically downloaded.
1) If the Myfile.txt file is a movie and the user has chosen to have the movie automatically downloaded.
2) If the Myfile.txt file is not a movie, but a pdf file, then the user will be able to download it.
3) WebGrab is also able to download the urls of embedding movies.
4) WebGrab is able to download the urls of embedded pdf documents
Getting Media Files:
If a link to a file is present in a webpage, WebGrab will download the particular file. The following are the ways a user can request the download of a particular file from a web page:
1) Download File from link: A link to a file which is usually a movie file will be taken as the input to the program. The program will look for the file in any link in the page. In this case the file will automatically be downloaded.
2) Download File from File: A file name is provided. This allows the user to download a file by providing its name.
3) Download All Files: The user can specify the option to download all files found in the web page.
4) Download links from Link: A link to a file will be the input. This will be used as a list of links.
5) Drag and drop urls to download: A user can drag & drop the urls of a web page to download.
6) Preview each file: By selecting a file, the program will show a preview of the file.
To install WebGrab:
1) Install IE from Microsoft. This is required.
2) Download the ActiveX control from this website (this will be a small.exe file). Save it in the program

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WebGrab has been developed to give you a fast and quick way to grab files from the web. This is especially useful when you are on a LAN or have a connection that is quite slow.
WebGrab will grab any kind of files. You can download movies, documents, archives, comics, images, games, etc…
WebGrab saves the files in its internal cache making them “downloadable” in the matter of a few seconds.
WebGrab uses the following features :
-Web Grabbing
WebGrab will grab pages such as “”. In such cases WebGrab will parse the page and insert the urls of the links to files in the “Files Found” list. If a file is an image, etc…, it will be saved in the “Grab” directory. Then, when it is simply dragged to the “Files Found” list, it will automatically be loaded in the program without requiring any action from the user.
-File Downloading
WebGrab allows the user to download files from a website. All he has to do is copy the urls of the files in the “Files Found” list and he will have the files immediately available. The files are placed in the “Download” directory.
WebGrab has been created with users in mind and not with programmers. However, programmers will find it easy to use because it has been developed with VB, win32 and.NET in mind. It is platform independent as it does not rely on.NET Framework.
WebGrab’s features are:
WebGrab’s main features are :
-Web Grabbing
-File Downloading
-Convenience – Very easy drag & drop
-Convenience – Provides automatic parsing of pages and urls of files
-Simplicity – Very easy to use
-Platform independence – No need to install.NET Framework
-More documentation available at
-Software Disclosure :
What’s New in version :
-Support of “Video files”.
-Upgraded to.NET 3.5 (although.NET 2.0 can also be used).
-Fixed bug in WebGrab.exe.
-Updated documentation.
So how does it work?
WebGrab grabs files from the web by parsing the html and finding urls of the files on

What’s New In?


What do you mean by “embed a file”? Do you mean that you want a file in the source of an html page? If so, then you should use the linking method rather than the download method. If you want to download a file using the download method, you should copy the url of that file first and then use the download link to save it.

Hi this is a great program and the steps make sense, however i have some problems with it. 1) How can you chose what file to download in the “Link to file” text box? 2) How can you assign a key to open the link to file window?

Hi HaroldG,
I think the best way to implement your request is to add a context menu of sorts for the list of the links. Add a “Download” item, with a “Open URL in browser” entry and a “Save file” entry that opens the file chooser dialog.
What do you think?

I have a problem. I have an url in my clipboard and I want to open that file in a new window without doing a search and clicking on the link. Is this possible? Is this possible?

The default behaviour is “open in browser”. If you want to “Open URL in browser” in win3.1, this requires a one-click shortcut. Maybe a right-click menu is the right way to get a one-click shortcut in Win9x. On other platforms, it is the same thing as “Open URL in browser”. Win3.1/win9x should have a right-click on the File menu.
You can always change the default behaviour using the “Get Info” on the item.

I think there should be more ways to download a file without using batch file.
Like: You can use the filename by assigning a key to it.
Note: this is not possible in XP if you assign a key to a file, the browser shows only the filename (link is not accessible).
I can not remember if the same is possible in Win9x.
So I think there should be more ways to download a file.

The only method you can use to download a file other than the one you are talking about should be using Batch File. This is the only way to download a file from a webpage without the use of third-party software.

System Requirements:

I was able to get the game to work on a Windows 8.1 x64 Desktop. Although, I did have to change the Hard Drive from NTFS to FAT32.
The following system requirements were also met with the install:
– Windows 8.1 64 bit
– 5 GB Hard Drive
– 1024 x 768 Resolution
– Dual Monitor Configuration
– DirectX 12 Compatible GPU
Graphics Requirements:
I recommend having a graphics card capable of running the game at a full 4

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