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Name Elden Ring
Publisher blaeleb
Format File
Rating 4.48 / 5 ( 2360 votes )
Update (10 days ago)







• CRAZY ACTION FEATURES: Four Different Game Modes

Battle: A traditional card battle between two characters.

Free Roam: A card battle against an AI opponent that you can freely roam.

Map Fight: An RPG battle in which the two characters fight over a large map.

Robbery: A card battle between two characters in which you use your Thief skill to steal the other character’s cards and draw them in.

• AN ONLINE CARD BATTLE WITH OTHER PLAYERS: Compete with other players and make your own legend.

• A COMPLETE ROSTER OF DYNAMIC CARD COMPOSITIONS: A total of 2,400 unique cards. A variety of Warriors, Mages, Assassins, and so on.

• A CAMOUFLAGE SYSTEM AND A CLOUD SYSTEM: A total of 30 different spell cards that can be used even when your character is in motion.

• A UNIQUE SOCIAL NETWORK: Become a friend and meet new people, talk to others, and trade cards with them.

• A REAL-TIME BATTLE: Real-time card battle. Aim, attack, block, evade, and dodge the enemy attacks.

• A CORRECT SYSTEM FOR SERIOUS GAMING: A variety of cards that can be used even when you are in motion.

• A CUSTOMIZABLE MAP: The game area is open to change at will.

• AN EXPLOSIVE GRAPHICS AND SOUND DESIGN: An impressive graphics and a rich soundtrack that gives you the feel of being in the Lands Between.

• AN EXCITING AND THRILLING STORY: A sophisticated story that conveys the folklore of the Lands Between.

• AN ANTI-MISUSE SYSTEM: You can report other players who are misusing the game to the server.

• A CRUSH SYSTEM THAT REWARD PLAYERS: You can “crush” other players in a special way when your battle score is high.


• A COMPLETE CUSTOMIZATION SYSTEM: A unique system that lets you create and equip a character from head to toe.

• A CUSTOMIZED WEAPON SELECTION SYSTEM: A variety of weapons and equipment that can be combined freely.

• A COOL DUNGEON SYSTEM: A dungeon filled with


Name Elden Ring
Publisher blaeleb
Format File
Rating 4.48 / 5 ( 2360 votes )
Update (10 days ago)


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A LAN game that plays seamlessly on your computer via SteamPlay.
  • No more headaches for simultaneous lag and delay; a large scale content server distributes data via the LPS protocol (Local Peer Streaming protocol).
  • Special Techniques to promote flexibility and create breathtakingly vivid visuals. Improved number of ground effects, expanding shadows, anti-hacking technology, and more.
  • A new technique to empower each player’s personal experiences.
    • Features such as the sky shader, the watershader, the land shader, the bushes shader and so on that are open to players’ requests.
  • Play on your desk!!

    • Two different difficulties.

    Easy: More magic; difficulty increases along with your character level.
    Hard: More that are in your grasp; difficulty increases along with your character level.

    • Various skill trees.

    Explore the rich depths of four skill trees, such as magical abilities, physical abilities, weapon abilities, and high tech abilities.

    •A wide variety of items and items available to upgrade your characters.

    •Create your own character.

    Mix and match a wide variety of equipment and play with wild imagination.


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    Media That you will find in the game:


    Dressed in beautiful fashion, hone your skills in the court of the Imperial House, ready for a life of adventure in the capital city of the Empire.

    • A Treacherous Romance
    The Imperial capital, which is a land of happy romance, still hides a dark secret. Although the Imperial House was ruined by a civil war, the enemy forces are still on the attack. Strange forces engulf the city. Can the hero become a hero of the Imperial capital?
    • Enter a World of Romance Full of Blood and Revenge
    Set in a world where almost every city is crawling with the footsteps of the enemy and the hero is on the defensive, you must bravely fight against the danger while balancing the lives of others and the pursuit of your own desires. Dazzling costumes, extravagant dances and dungeons full of life await the hero. There is no more delightful setting.
    • A World with Reality and Flaws
    Not everyone has heartless intentions. There are those who have only the most tenacious desire for their own happiness. What obstacles will you overcome, and what hidden strength will you combine with your own will? Will you be able to overcome the danger threatening the people of the Empire?
    • Colorful Dresses &


    Elden Ring Free PC/Windows


    Rise is a third-person action RPG that will transport you to the world of Felldolia between “normal” time and “dream” time. Set in the Lands Between, the game will have you complete a variety of tasks while enjoying an action RPG with various elements of strategy. Action RPGs have so far been very popular in the world. In Rise, the action is extremely smooth and action-packed, and the gameplay is elegantly simple. By creating a synergy with various elements, they were fused into a new variety.

    The player starts off life as a small, frail child. The lands between the dreams of the world and ours are going to start to fall apart, and you’re struggling to live when you find a newly-born black dragon. Through your journey, you will meet strong and brave companions. Soon they will show you the strength of the pact and the power of the Elden Ring. As you rise, you will advance through lands full of thick forests, relaxing beaches, and large cities. From there, you will experience battle, magic, and the power of an unstoppable force. Rise will become a ritual journey that will unfold the mystery of the world of Felldolia.

    Game Mechanics
    Rise features character development and easy to learn action RPG gameplay. It uses the latest technology, allowing us to keep a close eye on all things that are going on. We want to provide a gameplay experience that is comfortable to those who are new to the genre, while letting those who know it well choose their own pace. We have put a lot of work into the game in order to provide you with the action that makes it a new masterpiece in the form of an action RPG.

    Explore and Manage
    We want to provide you with an environment that lets you fully enjoy your adventure. It is a large world where the major parts are smoothly connected. It features wide open spaces, large dungeons, and dense forests. Because of its vast world, there are many places that are worth exploring, some of which are a bit harder to reach. As you discover, enemies and allies appear out of nowhere.

    Each character has a different personality and his or her own way of moving, fighting, and developing. In Rise, each character has various attack arts that can be swapped and combined. By acquiring Power Capsules, as well as weapons and equipment, you can unleash their powerful arsenal.



    What’s new:


    Nestle-inspired technology with LAGATI performance and easy to use SteamOS support.

    XBOX 360

    You are a Dragonborn, born to restore order to Skyrim.

    Wii U

    You are a Dragonborn, born to restore order to Skyrim.


    The game should run on any SDL/OpenGL supported distro, but it works best in Ubuntu > 16.04, as Unity or Wayland is required to run the game.
    Installation instructions are included in the install package.

    Ubuntu version 16.04+
    It should also run on:
    Mesa 17.1 or above
    Direct X:
    Direct X required regardless of version
    It should run on:
    Gtk 3.2
    Wayland & EFL/EGL (Direct X only)
    Wayland & Vulkan (Direct X only)
    DirectX and Window Capturer


    Starts with a crash, the logs are not present in the log folder.
    Should be fixed in the next version: 1.0.1

    Gaikasnu Slash Clipping


    Free Elden Ring Crack For Windows

    1. Run setup.exe

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    Our Current Status:

    -January 2nd, 2016 : We received our Beta keys from Aspyr Studios, a vast communication base between Aspyr studios and all of you, let everyone at first, whether you’re good at the game or not, make your way to the land of the frozen north, and have a fun experience. In other places when players encounter a check point, we have started to communicate with you in a manner that we hope you will enjoy. So please stay tuned, and check back regularly to see the results of this communication. 

    -21,May,2016 : The development of the game is continuing. While a temporary pause in the game so far, We will be conducting analysis and consolidation of important items from the Beta phase. As a result, minor polish will be resumed from 2/2. It’s anticipated that we will receive sufficient progress data from the analysis and consolidation process, which we are continuing to actively analyze and consolidate. While a temporary pause in the game so far, We will be conducting analysis and consolidation of important items from the Beta phase. As a result, minor polish will be resumed from 2/2. It’s anticipated that we will receive sufficient progress data from the analysis and consolidation process, which we are continuing to actively analyze and consolidate.


    System Requirements:

    Mac OS X: 10.7 or later
    Android: 4.4 KitKat or later
    iOS: 8.0 or later
    The total update package size is about 400 MB. (For iOS users, download it via the App Store.)
    Release date
    January 19th, 2016
    To install the update, you will have to turn off the game and update it manually via the option “Check for updates”.Advanced Plan Form Template, Download, Photostock
    Form Template, Download, Photostock is


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