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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
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• The Game with Many Elements of Fantasy
An RPG with the freedom of action in which you can freely decide your own path. Exploring a vast and different world, you must do battle using your sword, magic and companions.
• Tarnished Version
The Tarnished version is a regular edition of the game that replaces the primary feature of an adventure game, the exploration of a vast world, with a more fantasy-oriented structure.
• The Classic Fantasy Action RPG
You are a character that has come into contact with dark forces and now has a heavy debt hanging over him. The only way to erase this debt is to bear the burden of a quest, leading to a hero.
• Play with Friends
You can connect with your friends to enjoy game play together.

◆ About the Tarnished Version
The Tarnished version is designed from the ground up, with the aim of providing a basic RPG experience with more fantasy-oriented gameplay.

• Adventure Game
Explore a vast world with a variety of environments.

◆ About the Tarnished Version
◆ Character Creation
When in the process of creating a character for the Tarnished version, the player can freely choose the character’s gender and appearance.

◆ Character Biographies
◆ Suggestions on How to Play
◆ How to Save and Quit
◆ Character Specifications

◆ Character Biographies
– The character’s name.
– Gender.
– Appearance.
– The character’s Job.
◆ Suggestions on How to Play
– How to move.
– How to attack.
– How to use magic.
– How to equip.
– How to talk.
– How to have fun.
◆ How to move
For a character, you can freely change their movement. However, you cannot move to a place that you have not visited before.
◆ How to attack
If you hold down the button that selects your attack, the character will perform a more powerful attack. You can also activate special combos by holding down the button for a limited time. You can switch your equipment to use a more powerful attack.
◆ How to equip
You can select the location of your equip screen by pressing the button for your weapon. The weapons that you equip determine your strength and defense. You can switch weapons at anytime by pressing the button.
◆ How to talk


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Mind-Blowing Realism
  • Huge Continent: Terrifying Yet Beautiful
  • Deep Dungeon Exploration
  • Enhancement and Revision of Design
  • Increased Scale: Realistic World.
  • Increasing Playability and Enjoyability
  • Play demo hosted on Steam! You may need to download Steam first!


    ● Additional box contents included. 

    ● First of all, we will provide you with two kinds of manuals depending on your needs:

    • 1. Instructions for ORIGINAL EDITION
    • 2. Instructions for FASTEST Print Edition

    ● Instructions for ORIGINAL EDITION:

    • • A brief account and history of the project
    • • A photograph of the sandbox prototype at its early stages
    • • A video of the sandbox prototype
    • • Information about patches and updates

    ● Instructions for FASTEST Print Edition:

    • • A photograph of the sandbox prototype with musical notation
    • • A photograph of the music composing process in the game

    ● About This Pack

    This pack is a limited edition and contains a game disc, a code and a box.

    If purchased, this pack will be delivered to your home around 2 months after purchase.

    ● Contents

    • Game disc
    • Visual guide
    • An instruction for use the game


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    This is a Fantasy RPG, for fans of games such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, and Monster Hunter. Rise and Tarnished are the main heroes in the fantasy world of Elden.

    When a dark god named Devas breaks out of the sea, he seeks to take over the lands of Elden and becomes their king. The story of Rise is about a traveling warrior who was not granted a fate and joins the hero who attacks the Devas’ base. Once Tarnished’s hero finally returns to the lands of Elden, both heroes unite and unify the lands against the Devas’ power. However, they seem to be fighting alone and there is a sense of loneliness that was not there before.

    What makes the game’s originality stand out is that there are various ways to progress the story. You can experience the story only from the view of Rise or Tarnished, or you can follow the entire story by playing both of them. In this way, the game gives you a sense of continuity with others and feels like a drama in which the different thoughts of characters are constantly crossing each other.

    At the beginning of the game, Rise is a young boy who is disoriented in the world. He is close to death and he and his companion transform into a pair of young adults as they begin their journey to defeat Devas.

    The game progresses through a series of battles. Defeat enemies to earn EXP and use it to increase your character’s abilities, while collecting items along the way that will help you in battle.

    Although the game is a Fantasy RPG, it is not a typical RPG. Your EXP is gained through defeating enemies using a number of different skills and when you have enough EXP, you can learn new skills and assign them to some of your abilities.

    The graphics of the game are beautiful, but the character models themselves are not very complex.

    I was able to understand the story and in-game elements well and there were no problems that prevented me from enjoying the game.

    Although the game offers a variety of elements such as the ability to experience the story from the view of Rise and Tarnished, battles are very easy. Characters are not particularly strong either.

    But by combining those weaknesses, the game keeps its atmosphere of a fantasy drama and feels new and exciting.

    Another reason why this game has good game quality is that the weapons and armor of characters can be


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    • Dragon Booster
    ◆ The new top-down action combat – Dragon Booster
    With the new top-down action combat, we’ve made the most of the strong feel of the company’s history while maintaining the high-frequency action that’s characteristic of the series.
    ◆ Battle Using a Rich Variety of Techniques
    While drawing from the experience of playing previous games as well, we put more emphasis on increasing the variety of tactics you can utilize during battle.
    ◆ A Unique Combo System that Enables a Rich Variety of Combos
    A unique combo system that enables you to perform a variety of techniques by linking consecutively with varying techniques. Attack techniques performed with a normal button take only a simple input.
    ◆ Aim and Click to Perform Special Attack Methods
    Aiming for the weak point of the enemy’s body to perform a variety of special attack techniques is possible.
    ◆ New Bonus System to Follow Your Lead
    Surprises will naturally come out when you are informed of the various battles in the campaign. The achievement you receive from the Battles you participate in will support you during your battles. The Achievement you have from defeating enemies or performing various combos will be useful as extra action points during battle.

    ◆ Arena Battles
    ◆ Rage Skill
    Actively placed Rage will become more effective when the Rage Meter is filled, allowing you to perform “Rage Skills” to gain an advantage. Experience gained from defeating enemies can be stored in your Rage Meter, and the “Rage Skill” will become more effective. This can only be performed once per dungeon.
    ◆ Friendly and Co-op Battles
    Other players will join you during friendly battles, and when the number of players has exceeded the number of players able to be in the same room, co-op battles will become available. Cooperation is a great benefit during co-op battles.

    ◆ Tiki Mode
    ◆ A New Monster Species with a Name That Will Give you Chills
    We’ve prepared a monster that will give you a hint of what the future holds.
    ◆ “Shrine” in the Design of Dungeons
    ◆ Combat
    ◆ Cooperative Battles
    ◆ In-Game Events
    ◆ Free Updates of the Expansion Dungeons

    The game is offline, but even so, it’s the most stable and compelling online game of


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