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ProofTools is designed to test if a formula is a logical truth and if a certain argument is valid. The program allows you to enter the formula and view the test steps required to test it.
You can review the demonstration steps in the main window and export them to a PNG image in order to use it in your presentations.

Note: This is a cross-platform application, available for OS X and Linux as well.







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It is possible to test logical forms, i.e. structures, like sentential formulas and arguments of first-order logic. They can be entered with a LaTeX-like syntax and, thanks to a special proof-step language, they can be elaborated in a way that each step is formatted correctly and unique.
The main window shows how the test is formulated and it allows to display and execute its steps. All the demonstration steps are allowed to be exported to PNG format.
The demonstration window can also be formatted. To do so, click on the “Demo” button or use the “Goes to Demo window” option from the “Edit” menu.
The “Theorem” and “Argument” windows are opened when you click the “Edit” button. A plain text file can be exported to the “Png” file format.

ProofTools Documentation:

Download the installation file.
Launch the application and follow the steps provided on the Documentation window.
You may need to enter your email address and the name you wish to be used in the documentation.
You may need to enter your name and email when you have a demonstration in PNG format.
Note: You will be asked to enter your email every time you click on the Demo button in the main window.


Installation with Homebrew

Open Terminal
Install ProofTools with Homebrew using the following command:

brew install prooftools

Click on Homebrew Home to verify the installation:

Homebrew is installed, now you can run

This will show you the version of ProofTools.


Example 1: Test if a formula is a logical truth

Enter the following demonstration in the form:


The demonstration window will appear. 
After the form of the step is shown, its purpose is specified.
The following steps are available for this demonstration:
1. Proof
2. Logical machinery
The page will be displayed where the steps are shown.
After clicking on the “Execute” button, the results appear in the form window:

1 is a logical truth

ProofTools supports common examples like those below:

Example 2: Test if an argument is valid

Enter the following demonstration in the form:

1-a=0, a∈C

The demonstration window will appear. 
After the form of the step is shown

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Download ProofTools
Open ProofTools
Enter the following:

ProofTools License: GNU General Public License v3.0
Software name: ProofTools
Version: 1.5.7

Select language: English
Read properties…

Select: 2.1.3
Select: 2.4.1
Enter properties…
Enter Base set…
Enter: 1.1.3
Enter: 1.3.3

(Optional) Select: no
Enter the following:

Names of Nodes, Predicates, Formulas, and Arithmetic:

Select your language:…

Select: 1.3.1

(Optional) If your system is a Mac OS X, export your solution to a PNG image:

(Optional) Select, your language: English

Select: 1.3.3
Select: 3.2.1

Export the PNG image:

Output Preview:

Thank you for downloading ProofTools. Note: It will open a new window for you to enter your formula in text form and run the test on it. You can then save a PNG image of the test result by pressing “Export to PNG” at the bottom of the window.
(Optional) You can review the steps by clicking on “Review” button in the top right corner of the window.


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Download and extract the archive.
Open the executable file or from the bin directory and run.
Select the filename.plist provided in the archive.

Main Features

What can ProofTools do?
1) Find out whether your formula is a logical truth
2) Prove your argument valid or invalid

What ProofTools does not do?
The application has not been designed to do any kind of text processing. It simply shows you a formula and the steps required to solve it.
The application does not create any data structures. If you would like to export the results of your test to a PNG image, please run the program from the Terminal or console window.
The software should work on all major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

ProofTools Demo
ProofTools Demo
ProofTools Demo on GitHub
GNU General Public License 3.0
Copyright © 2017 Jason Peixoto

## Credits

The application was designed and implemented by Jason Peixoto.
## Contact

Developer: Jason Peixoto


## Licensing

ProofTools is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 (GPL).
It is free, so you can use it however you like.

However, if you plan to use ProofTools in your coursework, your institution or company may require you to cite it.

If so, please read the sections below.

## Requirements

ProofTools can be run on any system running Mac OS, Windows, or Linux.
In order to run the program you must have a running Text Editor, like TextMate.
ProofTools should work on any major version of the Mac OS, like macOS Sierra.
Some features require XCode, but the entire application can be run without XCode.

The application can be used in situations where you have access to internet.
It does not require the program Net::HTTP::Tiny to operate properly.
You can download it from:

What’s New in the?

ProofTools is a cross-platform GUI for the test of logical formulas. The program can test formulas from first-order logic, i.e. quantifiers appear only at the front of logical formulas. Formula input is done through the mouse or keyboard. There are buttons for entering the negation, the universal quantifier, and the existential quantifier.
Example formulas that can be tested with ProofTools are:

All real numbers have equal degrees of irrationality
Some real numbers have irrational degrees of irrationality
If x ≠ y and x = y, then x = y
If x ≠ y then x ≠ y
x is irrational
x is irrational or x is rational
If x ≠ y, then x ≠ y

The application displays the following window:

The first argument is the formula that must be tested.
The second argument is the visualisation of the program’s current state.
Each step required to test the formula is displayed.
Each test step is coloured to indicate whether the formula to be tested is logically valid, logically false, or something else.
The initial state has red steps and the result has blue steps.
The program is installed as a package for Anaconda on OS X and Linux.
See the source file ( for installation instructions and usage of the program.

“ProofTools” Copyright (c) 2017 by Henrique de Moraes Brito

License: The “ProofTools” package is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL v3 license


ProofTools : version 1.8

Quick Help:

Select an item:
—Select all— Shift + A
—Select a fragment— Shift + C
Close window:

System Requirements For ProofTools:

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