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– Easy-to-use utility
– Saves time
– High performance
– Various functions
– Supports batch conversion

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Convert PDFs to any of the preferred ebook formats including:
• EPUB (for readers that support this file format);
• Mobi (Kindle);
• PDB (for Sony Readers, as well as some 3G iPads and Zunes);
• AZW (for WINDOWS PCs);
• PDF (for computers and mobile devices that do not support the above formats).

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PDF To Doc Converter Software Crack

Convert your PDF files to the Microsoft Word DOC format easily
Windows users who use PDF files are likely to own Word, and PDF files can be highly complex to open for the non-technical crowd.
This is why, when processing large numbers of PDF files, it would be good to have an application that will not only convert them to Word, but also manage to extract text from those documents, formatting them according to Word’s templates.
Another thing that many users want is to be able to modify the layout of the Word files, as we all know that this process is slightly different than just changing text. The layout is likely to remain unchanged, and the parts that we need to edit can be identified after opening the document.
PDF To Doc Converter Software is a free application that can be used to solve those problems, as it will allow you to convert PDF files into Microsoft Word DOC format, extract text from those files and apply Word’s templates to them.
What makes this application unique is its ability to convert multiple documents at once, which is a feature not all Word conversion tools have.
In addition, PDF To Doc Converter Software will allow you to create and modify a layout, as it will let you change the margins, sizes and headers.
Furthermore, you will have the option of adding bookmarks to the Word files, and the application can be used to create, modify and delete bookmarks.
PDF To Doc Converter Software’s editing functions are somewhat limited
When it comes to editing, PDF To Doc Converter Software does have some editing functions, but they are quite basic and limited.
For example, you will have to manually change the page size, which means that the application will likely not be able to locate the necessary parts of the document for the conversion.
However, it will still be able to convert images to Word documents. This should allow users to recover images if they accidentally deleted them.
PDF To Doc Converter Software is still worth using, despite its limitations
Even though the application does have a number of small drawbacks, its simplicity does makes this application perfect for batch conversion.
It is also worth noting that the user interface is simple enough that you will not likely find any issues with using it.
PDF To Doc Converter Software is a free, simple application

PDF To Doc Converter Software Crack Incl Product Key

PDF To Doc Converter Software is a straightforward software solution specially designed to help you batch convert PDF files to the Microsoft Word DOC format. It lacks some important features, however, and its UI is quite outdated.
Useful batch processing tool
When loading the source files, you can take advantage of the fact that the application supports drag and drop actions. Adding multiple documents should be a simple task, and it is even possible to select an entire folder at once.
PDF To Doc Converter Software is particularly useful if you frequently have to process large numbers of files, as it is capable of converting them all in one operation.
Simple-to-use utility that lacks advanced features
While the application is certainly user-friendly, it is worth noting that only one conversion mode is available, and it is not possible to modify the layout of the output documents in any way. Additionally, you do not have the option of only extracting text content.
Lastly, you cannot customize the page size and margins of the generated documents.
Overall, PDF To Doc Converter Software is a simple, no-frills software utility that can help you convert your PDF files to the DOC format. It supports batch processing, but it lacks a number of important features.
Plain and outdated user interface
While some users might not be bothered by the lack of advanced features, the outdated UI is not likely to draw too many heads. It is certainly not difficult to navigate, but it would benefit from an upgrade.
File-Converter.com has not tested any software

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ConvertPDF is your one-stop solution to convert PDF files to any other format. The easy-to-use interface of ConvertPDF makes it highly suitable for both novice and advanced users. ConvertPDF’s impressive conversion speed even enables you to convert a single PDF file to multiple output formats without compromising the output quality. Free Download


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PDF To Word Converter Professional converts PDF to DOC and RTF in one step. You can use it to convert any PDF documents into DOC and RTF formats, including ones that have been converted from other formats. The software also supports Microsoft Office 2010/2007/2003/97/XPS and OpenOffice.org formats.Free Download


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iPdfToTxt Professional PDF to Text Converter is a powerful batch mode PDF converter software. It can

What’s New In PDF To Doc Converter Software?

PDF To Doc Converter Software is a straightforward software solution specially designed to help you batch convert PDF files to the Microsoft Word DOC format.
*Updated: on 07/01/2016
Free, no-crack, no key, no registration required!
Advanced Features:
*Batch conversion
*Page layout can be changed
*Text content can be extracted
*Ongoing file conversion
*Customizable conversion mode
*PDF file support
*Multiple input files
*Multi-select files
*PDF to Microsoft Word DOC formats support
*Drag and drop documents support
*Scan and copy documents support
Downloads Section
E-mail support: theo@soft-data.com
Feedback: theo@soft-data.com
Web site:
Bug Tracker:
PRODUCT_KEY: Put this key in your Setup/Keys/Pr…Gene expression of excitatory amino acid receptors in mouse retina.
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System Requirements For PDF To Doc Converter Software:

OS: Windows 10
Processor: 2.5 GHz processor or better.
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5750 or better, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 460 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 5 GB available space
Sound: DirectX 9 sound card
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