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Download and install MSDSoft Quotes for Windows, Windows Mobile, Zune, Pocket PC, MSN, Sony Smart phone, Palm, BlackBerry, Symbian, and any other platform. MSDSoft Quotes is your own personal motivational quote machine. It fills the daily or even hourly interval with a motivating quote that pushes you onward, helps you get through tough times, and puts a smile on your face with an inspirational quote.
MSDSoft Quotes has many wonderful options to delight any user who wants to personalize the application to their liking. Within a few clicks you can change the colors, fonts, background images, and much more. You can enter and add your own quote to the database, or you can search the large database for any quote. You can use any other application to search for quotes, but you’ll get the most comprehensive and reliable database in MSDSoft Quotes.
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User reviews:
– The quotes that are displayed each day are picked randomly and can be liked, disliked or commented.
– Built in search and EasyNav support.
– Multiple Languages.
– Quote editor with text formatting and word count.
– Sync to the cloud and mobile.
– Self-defining date, author and topic fields.
– Free and light on resources.
– Full Documentation.
– 7 default themes, many more to choose.
– Add to favorites: set of favorite quotes with random options.
– Free to use.
– No ads.
– Easy to use.
– Large number of more.
– Open Source.
– Excellent User support.
– And much more….
Platform: Windows | Mac OSX | Linux

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What’s New In MSDSoft Quotes?

Positive quotes that boost your mood

This is a lightweight, easy-to-use application that automatically prints a quote for your desktop screen each day, just by turning on your computer. It shows a different quote each and every day, so you can enjoy a motivational boost at the beginning of your day without having to spend much time configuring the application.
It also enables you to build up a quote database that stores the most inspirational quotes that fit your personal mood. You can use the built-in search to easily look for a specific quote, and you can write down your own ideas on the displayed quote in a dedicated field.
The quote database can be managed via the main window of the application, and you can also read through the entire database in a more compact manner, as cards.
The application features a built-in notification and will sound when it is necessary. If you turn the application off, the next time it runs, it will be automatically set to come out every day. It is possible to use multiple data sources to load the quotes.
It is possible to turn off the quote display at any time, and the daily reminder will only come out once.

Author: Michael Clegg

Version: 4.7.2

File Size: 3.9 MB


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