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]]> Play Movies & TV App Works With Google Accounts
23 May 2014 04:00:46 +0000

Google Play Movies & TV App Works With Google Accounts
Today we will explain you how to use Play Movies & TV with Google Accounts. You can download this application in Google Play.
The app is similar to Netflix or other similar services that send out movies and TV programs to customers. As it should be clear, this application mainly focuses on works with Google accounts for smart phones and tablets.
When you try to use the application, the first thing you will probably see is that in the number of movies you have, as it is shown in the image below.

Once you click on the “Play” button it will take you to the video list, something similar to YouTube.

First you are going to need a Google account to use the app. Click here to create one.

Once you created you account, to connect it with the app, search for the Play Movies & TV app on the app store.

Install the app, and sign in with your Google account.

Once you installed the app, open it from the app list, and choose your account, and you will be able to see the list of movies or TV shows from there.

On the list of movies and shows you’ll have the option to make a list of your favorites, which is divided in two lists: Movies and TV Shows.

If you want to play a movie or TV show you’ll have the option to watch it, download it or share it.

The user interface is simple and attractive.

A few drawbacks that should be mentioned is that the application does not have the ability to watch TV shows with commercials, nor it has the ability to watch certain TV shows (Discovery Channel, CNBC and so on).

The application has

JDiskIndexer Crack For PC

With the convenient and user-friendly jDiskIndexer program you can easily complete indexing tasks – don’t worry! This tool comes handy for those who need to quickly and effortlessly to organize their collection of files, folders, or entire disks.

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You can add the image in a frame, by keeping it, or placing it in another picture. Plus, you can have the photo rectangular, square, or circular, whichever you want.
The program lets you adjust the resolution, as well as the brightness, contrast, and sharpness.
If you have a photo inside the program, and you want to get rid of the blank space, then the tool can easily do this for you.
Enjoy the sticker maker tool, the rotation tool, the crop tool, the add borders tool, the rotate tool, the set picture as wallpaper tool, and the blur effects, as well as the adjust and crop settings.
In addition, the program allows you to change picture size, crop, rotate, add borders, increase brightness, contrast, and sharpness, change the white balance, change colors, and apply overlay effects.

Are you looking for a simple and user-friendly image editor? Do you want to edit the images, add filters and effects, resize photos and convert jpeg to png, and save them in a number of files types?
Then, Jpegdiary is the best image editor

JDiskIndexer Free [Win/Mac]

Designed as a simple, user-friendly tool, jDiskIndexer is able to catalog your data into various media types and portable drives. It allows you to compress digital media such as CD, DVD and SD using 9 different methods of compression. If you like, you can even process entire partitions. The program is available in numerous languages, which makes it accessible to everyone. The main window is intuitive and self-explanatory. Featuring an auto-start with user-specified settings, the tool can be used on any computer and location.
The utility uses various methods of compression and you can customize the number of passes. Many other options are available, including pre-defined settings. The tool offers a one-way system to index your data – it saves the generated files in a particular directory. To open an existing one, simply browse its location. Plus, if you want to find a specific record, you can use the search bar. In addition, the application allows you to go to a particular page, and navigate through them, using the arrows.
If you want to know more about this tool, check the official site and take your pick!
Now, have fun indexing your data, and don’t forget to rate our app if you liked it!
jDiskIndexer Requirements:
C: 32 MB RAM required for standard installation. The more RAM the better
D: 5 GB available space.

WhatsApp is a mobile texting application that allows you to send messages, images, and videos to friends and family on a variety of different platforms. WhatsApp does not require you to have an internet connection in order to use it, so you can use it while you are offline. The free version of WhatsApp is the most widely used version and is available on Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS and Windows OS.
WhatsApp has been downloaded over 10 billion times since its release. WhatsApp for Business enables companies to send secure, cross-platform messages over their internal networks, whether they’re an office, a factory, a field office or a distribution center.
WhatsApp Web is an unofficial web client that enables WhatsApp web for iOS and Android users to start sending and receiving messages. However, the web client’s quality and implementation is very poor. It is very slow, has a poor user interface, and does not allow you to send new messages.
These are the most common questions and issues when it comes to WhatsApp:
■ Q: I have 2 devices and cannot uninstall

What’s New in the JDiskIndexer?

Indexes your DVD discs and USB drives to make it easy to find your files on them.

What’s new in this version:
[+]Added support for HP USB models: HP-Drive and HP-Z840
[+]Added support for HP-DATA USB models: HP-Z640 and HP-Z400
[+]Added support for HP-DATA DVDROM model: HP-Z740
[+]Added support for RW and RW/DS READ-ONLY models: HP-Z750
[+]Added support for all internal drives from HP and IBM laptops and desktops: HP-Drive, IBM-Drive and IBM-LiteDrive
[+]Added support for second internal drives: HP-Drive Pro
[+]Added support for ExFAT format: HP-Drive, HP-Drive Plus, HP-Drive Pro and HP-LiteDrive
[+]Added support for External and Internal SSD in 2.1 GB capacity (ext4 and ext4+ journaling)
[+]Added support for External SSDs’ in 2.5 GB capacity (ext2/3 and ext2/3+ journaling)
[+]Added support for Super-capacitor Battery (Micro-USB) in devices with Micro-USB Power connectors
[+]Added support for Local Network network (Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, WiMax and WWAN)
[+]Added support for Backup-Removable: FUJITSU, Western Digital and Samsung backup-removable drives
[+]Improved notifications
[+]Improved compatibility:
– ASUS, Clevo, Dell, Zalman, PSI/X-CEL, SEGAM, JAAN, Jettbox, LG, OptiC, QNAP, and Shuttle/KVMu remote systems and devices are now detected and supported.
– some HP models of internal drives are not supported.
[+]Updated Japanese translation
[+]Improved stability
Fixed the issue with 2.1 GB internal SSD
Fixed the internal drives of HP and IBM to work properly.
Fixed the DVDROM drive from Sony Playstation 3 device.
Fixed the “Volume” folder names “NTFS” and “FAT32”
Fixed the crash on Linux Mint 17.0
Added the option to choose the path of the generated files in the Settings submenu
Fixed the issue with some external drives


System Requirements For JDiskIndexer:

-Windows 7 64bit
-CPU: 2.0 GHz or faster
-Memory: 1 GB of RAM
-OS: 64-bit
-Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or Radeon HD 5700 or higher
-DirectX: Version 9.0c
-Network: Broadband Internet connection
-Storage: 2 GB available space
Key Features:
Create the highest-quality FPS matches you’ve ever seen
Get precise control and immersive immersion
Play with a friend online or split screen


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