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Technical Lead John McGrane gave Eurogamer a demonstration, which involved undertaking highly complex and challenging movements, such as taking the ball in difficult circumstances and making dribbling actions.

HyperMotion Tech replaces physical animation, which is both much more computationally expensive, but also less accurate. “When it comes to physicality, animating limbs would be much more accurate in motion capture,” McGrane says. “In video games, the whole idea is to get to the heart of what’s happening, and what’s happening in this case is what a footballer actually does on the pitch.”

McGrane showed us a “Ball Dribbling” demonstration, where the player does a dribble into a tight area, with an off-balance ball. On-screen, he demonstrated the actual dribbling position, and the way that the player actually handles the ball – the player doesn’t lay the ball down, but grips, holds and drives the ball off his foot, instead.

“The player can have force applied to the ball, which usually [happens] with the inside or outside of the foot, but we didn’t show that today. We wanted to see how accurate our physics are on the dribble.”

There’s also a demonstration of how to perform a through ball, and how that is handled in FIFA 22. When a player shoots the ball forward, for example, the central player turns to take the ball. Although he might be in an offside position, he gains a new clearance zone, and picks up a new position.

“What we want is a player to be able to turn quickly to take the ball, and then control the ball with a real-time physics handle,” McGrane says. “If you try and hit the ball down the middle of the penalty area and you don’t turn, you can’t play it, because the player’s position is off the line, and your offside decision is incorrect. The idea is that we can literally speed up the turn and get the ball past the player. ”

We saw a video of a goalkeeper taking a shot, and we also saw the ball going through a defender. McGrane said that if a defender manages to block the shot, there would be no penalty. “If a goalkeeper blocks an on-target shot, he’s not able to turn, and he has a pushback effect,” McGrane


Features Key:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team –
    The game’s brand new, all-new “FUT” mode allows you to create a team from a squad of real-life players. You’ll then play through developing your own team in a new story mode.
  • FIFA –
    A whole new season brings new dangers and new rewards. You’ll be able to play with your top players from last season. New tournament-based game modes give you a fresh change of pace. Play it easy, quick, intense, or classic, and conquer your league, playoffs, World Cup or UEFA Champions League.
  • New Player Movements –
    34 new, more accurate animations allow you to perform more natural, game-like movements. Head-to-head, corner and off-the-ball challenges feel more lifelike. New animations put the ball in even the remotest of spots, so you can foil the play that’s about to happen before it even starts.
  • New Physics –
    Your moves are accurate, your competition is demanding, and the ball responds to your every touch. Now, with new ball physics, situational intelligence and more, every game feels more realistic. Every tackle, header, dribble and pass as precise and as demanding as you are.
  • New Matchday Atmosphere –
    FIFA fanatics new to the series will be blown away by dynamic game day atmosphere updates that are a first for the franchise. Retake control over the matchday or let the Manager do it for you; add or take away players and game types, and decide which playstyle suits your team best.
  • New Multiplayer Features –
    Four new and enhanced multiplayer modes along with new UI options for experiencing the game with your friends; all in a refined yet enhanced co-op gameplay experience. FIFA 20 2K17 is the most fully featured game yet.
  • Live The Game –
    • Live with The Rapids –
      If your team needs a boost, make them feel like they’re living the moment as never before. Introducing the brand new new player that has, without a doubt, defined his club in the last few years: THE RAPIDS. HIS story awaits.
    • Locals Only Mode –

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        FIFA is a flagship sports franchise that is a global phenomenon. It has sold over 125 million licensed copies and is published in 125 countries. Every day 10 million players compete online, play locally or watch live matches on TV.

        The game has been nominated and won multiple awards, as well as being a multiple New York Times bestseller.

        FIFA is a hugely important franchise for EA Sports and the FIFA series. It is also one of the highest-rated sports franchises on the Switch, and its launch in our market is a key moment for us.

        What will I need to play?

        To play, all you’ll need is the game, an internet connection, Nintendo Account, a Nintendo Switch console, and compatible game software.

        There’s more to it though…

        If you want to join other FIFA players in action, chat or compete in tournaments, you’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online membership. For a monthly fee, you’ll get online play, chat, Play Accumulation Points (PAP), FIFA Ultimate Team™ and FIFA Mobile.

        See for more details and for information about other membership options that are available.

        Here’s a look at how FIFA 22 delivers on the core game features that matter most for FIFA fans:

        The Game

        Gameplay features and controls

        Re-engineered quick-hit passing. A new quick-hit passing feature means you can get better passes by passing short to teammates. Just tap the right shoulder pad or circle the joystick to pass.

        Easier controls. Pass, shoot, dribble and shoot from the ground. See the game like never before with classic controls. That means right joystick = move, left joystick = pass, right stick = shoot, L trigger = dribble.

        Experience more control and vision. New camera angles. Your view of the game is now on the pitch from all angles – below, above and behind the player.

        Dynamic weather. Changes in the weather – fog, rain, wind – affect gameplay. Players are affected by the weather just as they are in real life.

        New defensive moves. Defend and counterattack more fluidly and confidently.

        Revolutionary AI. FIFA matches are now played against real, flesh-and-blood players, not bots. In gameplay, visual analysis and training mode, your team’s individual play


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        Master FIFA Ultimate Team – the all-new cards-based game mode for EA SPORTS FIFA 22.
        FUT provides a deeper connection to the game, adding impactful new cards, including players’ new and unique physical traits, as well as new cards with Pro potential. Play, collect and trade cards from around the world and challenge your friends to create the most loved and beloved club in the world.

        New Features

        Castles – A new feature of Career Mode, it’s available exclusively for Pro Clubs and consists of a series of unique play styles designed to demonstrate the unique opportunities presented in front of players at the highest level.

        Transfers – A brand-new system has been added to the transfer market, giving you the ability to purchase temporary players and to rent players from across the globe. The move-and-sell system works just like any transfer system, but you have more control over your squad and how you build your Pro Club.

        Online Improvements

        New Friends List – Easily access all your friends and family in a single list with the new Friends List. Create your own Favourites list, call upon or turn off those you don’t want to see, or share your friends’ on social media.

        Enhanced Live Events– FIFA Ultimate Team enables you to access up to 48 live matches each season from around the world, with up to 72 players included in the Live Events.

        Community Enabled – As a community-led title, online connectivity and user experience have been developed to respond to fan feedback and integrate with Reddit to create a truly social experience for FIFA Ultimate Team.

        Qik Pro Kit – Place your customised crest and your favourite club on your customised kit, providing a unique extra piece of personality for your favourite player to suit their needs.

        Improved live game displays – FIFA Ultimate Team will give you a new way to experience live games with never-before-seen visual and interface improvements.

        Big Picture Mode – FIFA Ultimate Team enables you to see the big picture in-game as we bring the FIFA World Cup Trophy™ to the FIFA video games!


        Global Pass – With the Global Pass, you are now able to compete with your friends and rival clubs around the world in the new FIFA in-game Passport.

        Challenges – Complete challenges to earn FIFA Points, which you can spend to unlock FIFA Points Packages, or use in other ways.

        Players – Up to


        What’s new in Fifa 22:

        • Improvements in lighting and low-light graphics, which will make it easier to find the ball and against crowds.
        • Real-life goalmouth animations; new freestyle celebrations and “the best” player trophies.
        • Advanced Tactics, which allows you to set up an almost unlimited number of formations for up to four players and alter the formation in the middle of the match.
        • FIFA and UEFA licenses revamped with the most realistic virtual pitches to date.
        • Career Mode tweaks.


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        The biggest name in soccer comes to life like never before in this game that redefines the sports simulation genre. Take your favorite club and lead them to glory in FIFA ’22. Experience the most authentic soccer game in history – it’s all about “Powered by Football.”

        What’s in the Box?

        Carefully tailored player movements and animations, all-new dynamic player collisions and more exact ball physics at the lower skill tiers, FIFA 22 takes real-world football and applies it to this next level of gaming.

        Premium Player Development:

        Establish your player identity and mold him into a professional through an immersive, story-driven path

        Immerse yourself in authentic soccer training through a new and improved FIFA Academy experience

        Experience matches and tournaments through a revamped and dynamic Ultimate Team mode

        Play with over 30 leagues across the globe, including the NFL Super Bowl 50

        Play online with friends and other fans in the vibrant EA SPORTS FIFA Ultimate Team community

        How do I get the game?

        Get more out of your FIFA Ultimate Team with new online and offline features, including the World Player Card and My Player. Join the community around you with the in-game Mentions feature, the #EASPORTSFIFA hashtag, the EA SPORTS FIFA Twitter feed and more.

        You can find many more features and information at

        Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Live Events and Live Tournaments will not be playable in offline mode. You can still access these modes through our FIFA Ultimate Team service on

        If you already own FIFA 20 then you can upgrade to FIFA 22 at no cost. Upgrade to FIFA 22 by clicking “upgrade to FIFA” in-game.

        Limited time offer ends on January 31, 2018.

        FIFA 22 takes the modern football game to another level, giving fans an all-new immersive and authentic soccer gaming experience.

        Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS FIFA 22 brings the game even closer to the real thing with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode.

        FIFA 22 takes the modern football game to another level, giving fans an all-new immersive and authentic soccer gaming experience.


        Unleash the most realistic ball physics in the history of soccer video games with a more refined and controlled


        How To Crack Fifa 22:

        • To Download run the setup and install the game 
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        System Requirements For Fifa 22:

        OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10
        Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.4 GHz
        Memory: 1 GB
        Hard Drive: 30 GB
        Video Card: DirectX 9 with 256MB VRAM
        DirectX: Version 9.0c
        Additional Notes:
        * Up to 1 GB VRAM is required.
        * Only one game can be used at a time.
        * Can’t be activated for Mac.
        * PC Leaderboards will be disabled


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