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TruePlayer Motion Technology

Smart Artificial Intelligence

Customizable Standard Controls

Dock Cameras

Player Intelligence System (P.I.S)

Technical and Gameplay Improvements

Unprecedented Expansion of the World’s Most Popular Football Sim


WATERLOO, ON – November 6, 2017 – Today EA SPORTS introduces FIFA 22, the most authentic football experience on console with true-to-life player controls, ultra-realistic ball physics, and Smart Artificial Intelligence that now uses more real-world data to make smarter decisions. FIFA 22 builds on the success of FIFA 21, adding the most authentic and user-driven gameplay, hyper-realistic Player Interaction Systems (P.I.S.), as well as a comprehensive array of enhancements that create a compelling football experience like never before.

The FIFA experience is getting bigger and better, especially with FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 features:

Introducing “HyperMotion Technology,” a breakthrough artificial intelligence engine that combines player motion capture data, audio feedback and on-the-fly decisions to create the most realistic football gameplay in the genre.

Packed with improvements, additions and refinements to core gameplay, including “Dock Cameras” that synchronize the external camera in the game with the on-field action and carry out instant close-ups, a revised 3D-mapped stadium system and new tracking technology for playing across diverse terrains.

Dynamic and reactive crowds on the pitch as well as an improved Pantheon Visual Atmosphere that lets you make the game yours by choosing from more than 1,000 new stadium exterior and interior models.

Authentic, iconic and colorful club liveries including vintage club designs.

Improved training, recovery and depth in team management that lets you build your own team and manage players at any level.

Largest ever release of licensed football leagues with more than 25 different global leagues.

Revised roster system that has players more accurately follow or drift away from their natural position, improving match fitness.

A new locker room system to follow your squad, train with them and watch their progress in the TACTICS ARENA.

Enhanced Player Intelligence System (P.I.S


Features Key:

  • Take on the World with authentic FIFA gameplay, authentic player data, and intuitive gameplay that’s realistic enough for FIFA but easy enough for everyone.
  • Live out your dreams in a Football Country with rich, local and historical stories as well as novel methods of progression.
  • The most expressive motions on the ball, woven into the gameplay by using 22 actual players in the world’s most advanced animation technologies.
  • FIFA World Cup 2018 gives fans a truly global experience, with historic stadiums, more ways to play with The Community Creations tool, and dynamic events.
  • Introduces Home Stadiums and Home Kit, allowing home fans to customize their favorite team.
  • The Starting XI determines much of how a player’s game unfolds. Players in a top line will open up more opportunities, while a forward line of just one striker may have to sit back and defend more.
  • Choose from authentic and licensed looks for your kits, or create your own design.
  • Forge, battle, and hustle your way up local football ranks and compete in unique and exciting Multiplayer modes.
  • New Customisation options are available with Player Variations and Personalised Kits, giving players a way to make their teams and game more fun.
  • Move and control your player in soccer-like tackles, controlling body and ball position to mimic real-life actions.
  • Create Custom Training Sessions to give your training drills a tactical element.
  • More ways to choose your competitions, ten in total, with specific details on the nations involved.
  • Edit and replay your player’s movements using the Player Themes system.


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FIFA is football, EA SPORTS FIFA is football, and FIFA is EA SPORTS FIFA.

FIFA is football, EA SPORTS FIFA is football, and FIFA is EA SPORTS FIFA.


Powered by Football

– A revamped pass and shoot control system, awarding players with more precise ball control, faster touches, and improved animations and collisions.

– A new set of 40+ physical Player Motion Models – new animations and real-world measurements that add depth and realism to every player and ball carrier.

– New ball physics that better reflect the game’s speed, accuracy, and flight patterns, as well as a new ball-to-player in-game response system.

– A new “Tackle” button that allows players to perform a more effective “tackle” – eliminate a player from the game.

– A new Physics Engine with more responsiveness, which allows for faster player movement, more responsive decisions on the ball, and more improvisational opportunities.

– New Real Player Motion Controller technology, which more accurately matches the player’s direction and movement, allowing for more fluid gameplay.

– Digitized sound effect that more accurately reflects the impact of player collisions, and a new Player Hit Thump sound which allows players to feel the impact of opponents in the game.

– New deeper commentary with improved voice talent, and improved match sound effects.

– More camera controls, with a wider range of camera movement.

– New contextual quick-tap actions to allow players to intercept passes, block shots, and shoot from the ground as they would in real life.

– Dynamic touchline system that allows players to control the flow of the game from sideline to sideline through the use of new camera-based quick-pass features, tactical play-making, and a new team AI behavior.

– Improvements to all 11 team kits and a new FIFA Ultimate Team A.I. Manager Mode, with the help of a new match editor tool.

– New more advanced and intelligent goal celebration animations.

– A huge overhaul to goal celebrations – more goal-focused celebrations, based on gameplay rather than traditional animation sequences.

– Unique Personal Icons in the new Goalkeeper AI – the official Icons of the 64 goalkeepers in the 2016 FIFA World Cup™ have been recreated from the ground up.


Fifa 22 Latest

Get ready for your ultimate team to take the pitch. Create a full squad from over 10,000 of the world’s greatest players and bring your dream team to life with the help of more than 400 team strategies and tactics. Build the ultimate team that can master every challenge. As head coach, form strategies around tactics and bring on the best players. As a player, dominate your opponents as you master the newest additions to the game – “FUT Draft” and “FIFA Insider.”

In FIFA your career as a manager or player is unique to you. Experience the feeling of competing in the FIFA championship on the pitch and in daily matches. Enjoy a great atmosphere with emotions, celebrations and drama. Prove that you’ve got what it takes to become a FIFA Champion. Show the world that you can never lose, by winning in the FIFA championship mode in FIFA 22.

Transfer Market

Can you master the skill of the transfer market? Take on your rivals as you complete the transfer market season. The game has introduced features like the “Premier League Transfer Festival” where the richest clubs play against the biggest clubs of all over the world, and the “Beats of the World tour” where you get to experience the best clubs of over 50 countries live on the pitch.

New Soundtracks
The game features six different themes, five beautiful and unique genres of music. The breathtaking ‘Golden Years’ features movements of sweeping strings and soaring horns, the detailed ‘Tokyo’ is a masterful fusion of 70’s and 90’s style with ethereal beats, ‘Perfect Match’ has a captivating cinematic quality, ‘Dubai’ is truly something special, the refreshing ‘Breeze’ keeps you cool and the latest addition ‘Space Groove’ echoes sounds from the world of space.


Presentation and Atmosphere
The presentation and atmosphere of FIFA 22 will be unparalleled. Real likeness, new animations, improved player likeness, and player emotion have all been given a significant overhaul that will bring the game closer to your living room than ever before. The sense of anticipation and the dramatic chaos of the matchday environment gives a new level of immersion to the game that makes playing the game more entertaining than ever before.

Dynamic Weather
See your favorite team weather the heat of summer in one of the most dynamic weather systems in the world of sports. Experience the weather in over 40 countries and experience


What’s new:

  • FIFA Ultimate Team: Customise your squad to the way you want and think to compete on the biggest stages. New players and experience just for FIFA Ultimate Team fans as they compete in brand new modes, cups and challenges.
  • 3-on-3 Online Team Battles: Battle against your friends or in a one-off 3v3 tournament in numerous online 3-on-3 modes with your favourite teammates and compete for prizes and glory.
  • Club Battles: Ring in a new era with the all-new Club Battles mode. Battle your way to glory in one-off 4v4 battles, including traditional and multiplayer mode, against the best players from your club or from around the world.
  • Free Shot Mode: Chosen one. Scored one. Yes, you can score a free kick with every shot you take in FIFA 22. Customise your ultimate free kick technique from a range of new options, all packaged in iconic World Cup locations,.
  • The Master League: New way to manage your club, leading your team to glory. The Master League gives you control of your user profile to be able to customise, develop and enhance your team’s performance and progress from any region in any of the game’s official competition modes. You can also gain or lose free agents, sign new foreign players and qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup.
  • The Best Moves in the World: FIFA Ultimate Team introduces two new scouts that trigger the creation of new moves when interacting with players in real life. There are new hit-to-pass, shoot-to-pass, dribble-to-pass moves waiting to be discovered in their new Pro Cut-scenes. Plus, various new Pro Skills feature a brand new move of some of the game’s top players.
  • FIFA 22 is the first FIFA to be released on Xbox One X.


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The Premier Club Soccer Game. FIFA is the world’s most popular soccer simulation and the #1 sports franchise for Xbox 360. FIFA is the world’s most popular club soccer simulation franchise, the #1 sports franchise for Xbox 360 and the #1 sports franchise on all formats. FIFA is the #1 sports franchise in Europe and Latin America, and is currently ranked #2 in the United States.

FIFA is the only game that recreates real-world match scenarios for FIFA World Cup™, UEFA Champions League™, UEFA Supercup™, UEFA Europa League™ and FIFA Club World Cup™ competitions. Players can experience more realistic game play and feel more connected to the real world competition thanks to new media coverage and improved commentary.

FIFA is also the #1 sports franchise in North America for the Xbox 360 and PS3. In addition to the top-selling football game franchise for more than a decade, FIFA is the #1 sports franchise in Europe and #2 in the Americas. Over 75 million licensed games have been sold since FIFA 2004, and over 70 million people tuned in to watch the FIFA World Cup™ online.


I am proud to announce the full roster of FIFA 22 players and coaches, with FIFA Team of the Year XI and the FIFA 22 All-Stars taking center stage. New players include Zlatan Ibrahimović, Paul Pogba, Granit Xhaka, Yannick Carrasco and Luka Modrić; and coaches include Zinedine Zidane, Pep Guardiola, Jürgen Klopp, José Mourinho, Martin O’Neill, Mauricio Pochettino and Jürgen Klopp.

FIFA 22 is the most innovative and exciting version of the award-winning soccer simulation franchise. Over the past year, FIFA has delivered numerous gameplay innovations, including revolutionary goalkeepers and defenders, an expanded touchline system that enhances passing and movement, and more realistic goal kicks. This year, FIFA adds a new first-person view camera that allows you to see exactly where the players are on the pitch.

All these improvements are joined by a unique new experience in how team and player formation and tactics work in FIFA. You are now free to fine-tune any selection of 11 players, and re-use formations and tactics from your last match.

The all-new FIFA Team of the Year brings added depth to traditional virtual player ratings. For the first time in the history


How To Install and Crack Fifa 22:

  • First of all turn off your internet connection. Then Extract the provided file(This may take few minutes depending on your internet speed and device).
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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

Mac OS X
Android (4.0.3 and above)
Compatible with all graphics APIs, Vulkan API, multi-core CPUs, and systems with Intel and AMD graphics processors.
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