Fair And Tender Ladies Ebook Rar

Fair And Tender Ladies Ebook Rar


Fair And Tender Ladies Ebook Rar

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“I’ve always felt like a fish out of water.” That’s the theme that emerged from the life stories of 80 gay youth pastors and ministry leaders — some of whom were asked about the turning points that changed their lives — in the book “Shameful: The Secret Gay Life of the Church” by Dr. Richard B. Moore, an emeritus professor of pastoral theology and research director at Campbell Center for Spiritual Formation at Trinity Western University.

The book, published by Whitehorse Press, will be available for purchase at the Mennonite Church’s book fair from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday, June 29, in the Bookshop. The book fair also will feature presentations by Dr. Moore and other authors, including Christine Miller and Judy DeGarmo, presenters on the popular YMCA “Body, Soul, Spirit” program for adult leaders and its companion program for youth and preteens.

Dr. Moore, who died in September, was the author or editor of more than 30 books, including the Bible-based “The Christian’s Guide to Homosexuality.” He was also the author of “Whose Child Are You?,” an exploration of Mennonite history and culture that led to a seminary appointment at that denominational seminary.

“I was responding to a call for a book on the homosexual condition of the church,” Dr. Moore told the library board shortly after his appointment to the seminary’s faculty in 1990. “I said, ‘what has church called me to do?’ ”

He soon realized that the issue was “a magnifying glass on a cultural fault line of the late 20th century,” he told the board. “The book quickly took on a life of its own, as I saw people who were gay coming to the church in large numbers and having much greater success than ever before. … And the church seemed to be responding.”

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