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FabFilter Saturn is a VST audio plugin that was designed to help advanced computer users such as sound engineers or music producers enhance their projects by applying various distortion effects on them from their favorite DAW.
It is worth mentioning that since this tool is actually a VST plugin, it requires a host application or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to be installed on the computer beforehand, so that it can be implemented in it and its features used from there.
This plugin can be used to apply various distortion effects on any audio project, ranging from a subtle, clean tube simulation or tape saturation to a full-blown array of multiband guitar amplifier effects.
After deploying it to the host application, the plugin's main screen can be used to control each parameter individually and adjust it freely or using a preset by clicking the left/right arrows next to the preset name at the top of the screen.
Among the parameters that can be configured, users can find MIX, FEEDBACK, FREQ (frequency), DYNAMICS, DRIVE, TONE, LEVEL, GLIDE, ATTACK and RELEASE. Modulation also comes with a bunch of presets that can be loaded by using the designated button in the appropriate section.







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Etude Music has released VST and AudioUnit plugin versions of Project Fifteen by Etude Music, a virtual analog synthesizer that includes 250 factory presets and a built-in midi/sequencer.
Project Fifteen has many of the features and equipment from the Analog Theater synth that was created by Etude Music to go along with the software version it previously released.
Project Fifteen – VST is a program that runs on either Windows- or Mac-based computers and can be downloaded from Etude Music’s website.

Santo Mundial released Prophet V by Everstick Records, a plugin for Mac that can be used for both VST and AU formats for OS X 10.6 and up.
Prophet V is an envelope-based synth with a strong focus on the lead voice.
The synth offers two big oscillators, two additional low-frequency oscillators, and one unison filter.
Other parameters include ADSR envelope, rotary control and analog envelope.
From the oscillators, users can add detuners and use audio input and output and add a delay.
Features include monophonic and polyphonic versions.
The monophonic version offers a rich complement of 5 envelopes and 6 rotary controls, while polyphony offers its own mod matrix with a 9×9 button array.
If monophonic is not enough, polyphony offers up to 64 voices, using as many instruments or voices as there are buttons on the patch matrix.
Santo Mundial used some sounds from the Xfer Records library in Prophet V.
Prophet V is a good synthesis tool that offers features you want on a synthesizer.

Ableton released an update to their popular Rane apps which include a bunch of new features and updated gear.
Rane Audio 16 is the latest release of their line of products for music makers, engineers and producers.
Rane Audio 16 is available as a plugin for your VST and AU-based DAW for both Windows and Mac.
Rane Audio 16 can be purchased as a plugin that will be updated with each version of the Rane software that it runs on, as well as on standalone versions of the applications.
With Rane Audio 16, musicians can now choose between a stereo or 4-channel version when using the app, along with whether to use a single mic for recording or using two or more.
In addition to the main interface, which can be moved around the screen, the

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SONDUM EZ3.1 Pro is a Platinum version of the popular SONDUM EZ3.0 VST/AU plugin.
It consists of 35 new and updated presets.
The new presets extend the range of EQ’s to give a broader selection of EQ’s and don’t affect the original plugins range.
The presets replace the old preset names and the old preset names will be removed after installing the new versions.
EZ3.1 Pro comes with a lot of new features and improvements.

The EZ3.1 Pro will add a Cardioid mic plugin to the SONDUM EZ3.0x
Versions 2.0 and 3.0 are based on EZ3.1 and Audio

Xtreme Bass is a revolutionary instrument that makes it possible to apply massive low and high frequency bass effects to VST, AU, RTAS and AAX compatible audio and MIDI host applications.

Generate deadly low frequencies with the new AFX1 effect that generates any number of recognizable heavy bass presets. Make your music bass heavy and distorted without spending a penny.

Add bass by yourself with the new AFX2 effect. It lets you choose from a whole bunch of presets and use different results based on your choice.

Mute and reduce bleed through all the effects without adding noise with the new AFX3 effect.

To boost the bass even more you can use the AFX4 effect that lets you process the effect frequencies and play around with the numbers.

Xtreme Bass adds up to 16 powerful bass enhancing effects that can be used with a single XMRE guitar or bass. It is highly recommended to add it to your collection of plugins and sound effects.

Xtreme Bass 5 is a Platinum version of the popular Xtreme Bass 4 plugin which offers 16 beefy bass effects designed to add low and high frequencies to a musical piece.
Xtreme Bass 5 consists of all of the usual effects that Xtreme Bass 4 offers along with

Three new effects that were created exclusively for Xtreme Bass 5:

Now you can expand your Xtreme Bass universe and add a few more bass effects to your arsenal.
Xtreme Bass 5 is a Platinum version of the popular Xtreme Bass 4 plugin which offers 16 beefy bass effects designed to add low and high frequencies to a musical piece.

What’s New in Xtreme Bass 5?

FabFilter Saturn Crack + With Keygen Download PC/Windows

General features:
* Various distortions that can be applied to audio files
* 3 different distortion types, from audio distortion to dual tube emulation
* 4 different distortion types: Tube, Glide, Drive and VCA/VCF
* User can fine tune the level of each distortion type by changing a number in the Edit section
* Works in VST-compatible host applications
* 80 types of presets: Tube, Drive, Tape, Distortion, Chorus, Compression, Echo, Flanger, Guitar, Harmonizer, Metal, Reverb, Saturation, Tremolo, VCA and VCF
* 10 built-in effects types that can be applied on any audio file
* 13 different type of effects: Amplifier, Baxandall, Big, Bigger, Compressor, Compression, EQ, Flanger, Fuzz, Harmonic, Limiter, Reverb and Stereo
* Transparent operation and no parameter changes in the host application
* 7 different FA Filter types: Black, Blue, Brown, Cream, Dark, Pearl and Red
* Adjustable intensity level of the distortion effects
* Adjustable resonance level
* Adjustable VCA/VCF cutoff frequency
* Modulation supported
* Add, Delete and Rename presets
* Presets management by category
* Audio file profiling (insert settings in a new/empty audio track)
* Support of any audio file type (wav, mp3, flac,…)
* 3 different views that provide an array of information: Form, Info and Settings
* Insert settings in a new/empty audio track
* Detailed information about the audio files: Sample rate, bit rate, channels, sample frames, duration, bit depth, sample rate encoding (encoding order), compression used
* Spectrum analyzer
* Cue file for automation (optional)
Main Features:
– Three types of distortion (on/off, 8pulse, 12pulse)
– 12 effects (on/off/auto-on/off): Big, Bigger, Compressor, Compression, Echo, Flanger, Fuzz, Harmonic, Limiter, Modulator, Reverb, Stereo, Tremolo
– 7 FA filters (on/off/auto-on/off): Black, Blue, Brown, Cream, Dark, Pearl and Red
– 5 envelopes
– 5 flip modes (on/off/auto-on/off)
– 3

What’s New In?

This plugin is a VST digital audio plugin that was intended to be part of the FabFilter plugins series and it is distributed by FabFilter.
It is a new product in an already successful series with many type of plugins.
This VST audio plugin is designed to work seamlessly with your favorite DAW and it needs a host application to be run.
You can work with it from the host application and it is also possible to work with it from FabFilter’s VST plugin manager.
You can customize the look and feel of Saturn by using the available skins and the various buttons.
This plugin is also a Universal Audio plugin, so it has a bunch of options that allow you to control the unit’s entire behavior from a single command.
Its main screen is composed of main controls such as the DRIVE, LEVEL, ATTACK, RELEASE, ATTACK, GLIDE, FEEDBACK, FREQ and MIX buttons that allow you to regulate the unit’s dynamics and band mix controls.
It also includes a modulation section with the possibility to control the source, amount and phase of modulation for each band individually.
There is also a CAR section where you can adjust the CAR settings individually and load a sound that will be used later during the plugin’s operation.
When working with this unit, the DRIVE, LEVEL, ATTACK, RELEASE, ATTACK, GLIDE, FEEDBACK, FREQ and MIX controls can be configured using the left/right arrows that are shown next to their names at the top of the screen.
With Saturn, it is also possible to configure MODULATION and CAR parameters. Using the button that is placed next to the corresponding preset name, users can import or load the settings for each preset without quitting the plugin’s main screen.
Users can specify the preset that will be used next by clicking on the selected preset name and can make changes by using the left/right arrows that are shown next to the preset’s name.
VST audio plugin with 20 factory presets
Multiband equalizer
5-band parametric tube graphic EQ
It is compatible with any host application that supports VST plugins such as:
Adobe Audition
REAL Studio
Sony Vegas
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Supported DAWs
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Mac OS X
Windows Vista, Windows

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: AMD/ATI Radeon HD 4000 or NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 1GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
Hard Drive: 200MB free space
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8,

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