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Developed by Voltaire, the developer of the popular indie game The Legend of Legacy, Auroch Digital, and published by Nighthawk Interactive,
Auroch Digital’s world-famous fantasy action RPG franchise, The Legend of Heroes, first released on the Nintendo DS in 2008, has garnered a cult following.
As the much-anticipated title has been confirmed to be released for PlayStation Vita in Japan in early 2013 and PlayStation 4 in 2014, we have decided to develop a brand-new title with a more engaging and exciting storyline.

Through the back gate of the world where heroes long since vanished, two children, whose world has shifted to “The Lands Between”, are challenged to venture into the unknown. Taking on the role of their fellow adventurers, explore a vast world of fantasy and adventure and gain the power of the Elden Ring, the strongest weapon in the universe, with the help of the legendary hero, Brandt.

New Features have been added to the gameplay to create a brand new experience.

Players can now form a party consisting of up to six adventurers, and can freely assign their party members to a specific role such as fighter, magic caster or healer. Upon forming the party, players are given a list of team options based on the roles of the party members. Using the team options, you can freely assign the most suitable members for the most appropriate role.

-New Skills
Master the new Brandt Skill to rapidly boost the power of your weapons, magic and items, and improve the elements of combat in unique combinations.

-Updated Storyline
A story full of exciting and gripping events has been drawn out for the main scenario as well as its many side quests.
-Illustrations have been adapted for the game console hardware
The illustrations have been adapted to reflect the dynamic characteristics of the game.

【Supported Features】

Pallas Athena
Doctor Muzasa


・Additional Information

Players can purchase the game from local stores such as the Japanese PlayStation Network store, as well as Game Jolt. For more information, please check


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Vast World That Expands with Playtime
    A vast world that can be expanded by playtime. Two worlds (the Main World and the Cellar) support simultaneous play and thus lend a broader appeal to the game. In addition, 100+ side dungeons expand the game in all directions.
  • A Reward for Playtime
    The game content expands with playtime. Expect playtime-based rewards.
  • Unique Online System that Interacts With Others
    An asynchronous online multiplayer, where you can put on a performance and enjoy bonding through non-verbal gestures while sharing a profound game state with others.
  • Clans, Guilds & Crews That Unite by Gameplay
    All players can belong to clans, guilds, or crews. You can organize your games by joining these groups.
  • Convenient Management of Crews using Mobile Devices
    The Crew Exchange (where you can join in a crew to play a specific game for a limited period), and easy clan or guild management.
  • Multiple Wardrobe Stylings to Express your Style
    A wide selection of equipment and many accessories provides you with a variety of ways of expressing your style.
  • Create Your Own Character by Combining Weapons, Armor and Magic
  • A Message from the Developer

    Thank you for playing my game! I really appreciate the love you have shown towards it, and hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it! Sincerely, I’m Taron Namatate, CEO of Snow Wing and COO of Durarara!! Kanade Dan, producer!

    It is the Geppos Entertainment Company’s (GEC) two years since the release of Rogue Symphony on mobile. We hope that the first action RPG based on the Souls series will be a successor to our successful Fantasy Action Series.

    PS3/Vita Notes:

    Thank you for playing my game! I really appreciate the love you have shown towards it, and hope you


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    Site info: Erez Avron – free-to-enter fantasy MMORPG (www.eldenring.com) by epic-games – info

    Site info: Erez Avron – free-to-enter fantasy MMORPG (www.eldenring.com) by epic-games – info

    Release date: May 19, 2010

    Risen is an online action RPG with dynamic PvP (player versus player) combat. Journey to the farthest reaches of the world of Risen and face the challenge of the Demon Dragons, the most fearsome enemies in the land.


    Buy on Steam:

    v1.11.2 Changelog:

    Game Fixed:

    – From now on you will not have to re-equip weapons to use new spells.

    – If you hit an attack that removes your stamina bar, you will not lose that regeneration before the next battle.

    – Now characters’ stats are computed once every 30 minutes. This should make cases like 10-hit combo finishes much more reliable.

    – The game does not crash anymore when dealing with concurrent players.

    – When going to certain doors you previously visited, a password prompt would appear at the door. The game now remembers the correct password.



    Elden Ring [Mac/Win] [2022-Latest]

    The creation of Blades, swords, armor, weapons, and accessories is all about the creation of materials to support the character customization and additional development. For the gear, supply materials and items to use in the creation of items.

    New Fantasy RPG of the Dawn to unlock the following content.
    – Farm tile
    – Metal Pickaxe
    – Farming speed
    – New construction fast
    – Complete Camp
    – Tachyon Blade

    Gameplay Blades

    We have added farm tile items and weapons. The farm is used to accelerate your character’s speed.

    Blades weapons (character’s speed)

    Using tachyon blades, you can increase your character’s speed.


    Giga Farm: increases your character’s speed by 4x

    Giga Pickaxe: increases your character’s speed by 4x

    Blades are items used to craft blades weapons. You can produce a maximum of 10 blades. Blades weapons will not be deleted even if your character dies, you can only sell them.I downloaded this to my new computer without a problem. It’s not the first (or even second) computer I’ve had it, and it went straight up, no complaints from me. I’m just a bit unclear how to run it.

    I’ve always run w/out issues so I don’t know if my experience is normal or not. But here’s what I did:

    – Downloaded the dvd to my hard drive via torrent. – Installed the software and let it do its thing. – Went to…

    I must have been doing something wrong because it didn’t work on a fresh install of XP. I went to’settings’, ‘display’ and changed it to 800×600. Then when I went back to’settings’, ‘appearance’, clicked on the monitor tab, and chose’make bigger’ in the picture size dropdown box… nothing. I tried to make the text bigger, but it wouldn’t let me. *searches* What do you do when it won’t let you go up or down a resolution?

    Thank you very much for the answer!! It doesn’t normally work this way, but I finally found my answer here:

    On the topic of screen capture software, I used to use Avant. I liked it because it took it’s own background and it


    What’s new:

    ■■■About Path of Exile AE■■■

    Path of Exile is developed by Spikesource. In addition to the main game, Path of Exile: Complete. Beyond also brings the following content with it. Additionally, with the main game update, the dedicated web page for the expansion is under development.
    Are you interested in another episode? Check out the Path of Exile: Introduction Trailer.

    ●☆ Requires Steam
    Path of Exile: Complete is built on the Windows platform. You cannot play the game without an installation of Steam client.●

    ● Official Site

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    1-1) First,install CWM then flashing (choose easy.shsh) or first flashing,then wipping ‘
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    Free Download Game (Build. 162.1934.73)
    Mod M4A (Google drive).
    Use it and enjoy!

    What’s new
    Fantasy Reborn is now in its 4th iteration. When exploring the Lands Between, you’ll encounter a number of new features.
    • ‘Braid’ System
    You can now level up by collecting flowers. By smacking them with an axe, you can obtain materials. You can also use this material to obtain equipment by using the material’s name as a keyword.
    • Reboot of the game
    Every time you enter the Lands Between, you’ll encounter a new area. You’ll also find new menus and text outside the menu.
    • Using Global
    All the maps are now open. You can now access all the maps that you’ve already cleared.

    For those that don’t know the game, the original game was a trial and error platformer. It was very bizarre, as you were forced to use a glitchy mechanic to get past barriers and levels to reach the next level. If you wanted to recover your health, you had to memorize the mechanics of the gameplay, and backtrack to levels that you had already cleared. In the new version, the mechanics are MUCH better, and the maze-like game play leaves you to feel like you can find your own way to success.

    There’s a lot of content. There are a lot of routes to explore and many many different challenges to overcome.

    The game is still “in beta” as of writing, but is in a decent enough state to be playable. This is a major improvement over the original game. It takes much of the confusion out of the game, and gives you a feeling of freedom and control.

    I don’t really care for the minor addition of


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    2.64 GB Operating Systems :

    Any particular issue / trouble?

    1. Does GPU driver is updated?
    2. Are you running Windows 8 OS?
    3. Please verify the integrity of downloaded file by using a tool like : PEview, Windows Validate etc.
    4. If you are getting any error message while installing, try other software like turbo accelerate patchesGlial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) immunoreactivity in lacrimal gland of Oronysian and Californian sea otters, Enhydra lutris nereis and Enhydra lutris kenyoni, and the Delphinidae, Phocoena phoecoena and Phocoena spinipinnis.
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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows Vista
    CPU: 2GHz dual core
    RAM: 1GB RAM (1.5GB recommended)
    GPU: VGA
    OS: Windows 8.1
    CPU: 2.6GHz dual core
    RAM: 3GB RAM (4GB recommended)
    GPU: 1280×800
    Recommended Vista:
    OS: Windows 7
    CPU: 2.3GHz dual core
    RAM: 2GB RAM (2.5GB recommended)


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