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(Note: The game runs on Windows PCs only.)

From the depths of the nether and into the popular locales, the lands of the Elden Ring 2022 Crack, the Elden Ring Game features a series of vast action game worlds where adventure awaits!

Eluden Ring Game
© 2013, Quintet Information Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Rise, Tarnished

The Story so far…

Once upon a time, the sword that strikes a foe’s back with unrivalled attack power, its wielder lives forever…


The ancient order of the knights of Seiyvel was destroyed by a foul fate. Ages had passed but the warriors of this group were trapped in a nightmare world.

The last surviving knight was slain by a mysterious black force called “Obscura”.

The Elden Ring was once ruled by a knight named Tarnished who alone was able to survive the ferocious attack of Obscura.

Now the most righteous knights are gathered once again, calling to them the most powerful heroes called “the Elden Lords”.

Together with Tarnished, they will fight till the end to save the World.

Elden Ring Game
© 2013, Quintet Information Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

More People have Come to the Ring!

• Nico

Nico is a core character in the game. All along, I’ve had the idea to incorporate a character that somewhat resembles a fox or other animal.

The game allows you to choose a character of any gender, so Nico is a girl!

Nico provides an important supporting role in the game.

I didn’t realize until very recently that Tarnished is a male, but there are a lot of male characters in the game and even now there are a lot of male characters in the game.

• Dono

Dono is one of the main characters in the game.

I wanted to aim for characters that would best represent the scenarios that occur in the game.

For example, there’s a scene in which a character is cast into a dungeon by a giant spiked creature. I wanted a character who’d be able to tackle a scenario like that.

• Vahe

I did a lot of quests while I was developing the game.



Features Key:

  • New Fantasy Action RPG
    A challenging RPG with simple controls and an emphasis on deep combat.
  • Multiplayer with Direct Connect and asynchronous online play
    Enjoy global cooperations while playing simultaneously with others online.
  • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth
    See deeper into the heart of a lone mage named Tarnished, whose journey to live begins where the life of another ends. Discover the world of the Lands Between, an unbelievable “fairy tale” in which the relationships between people, valuables and power are shaped at will.
  • Relieve the Adventure
    Customize your character and enhance your attributes to develop your characters’ power and combat proficiency.
  • Romance with Multi-Gender, and Pregnancy
    Normal girls can become beautiful women, and women fall in love, find mothers, and escape from the war in the Lands Between. If you want to have a child, choose your gender, age, and personality of a newborn from the five races in Elden.
  • An Unbelievable World
    Created in intense detail, the Lands Between is a complex, seemingly alive world where a variety of situations and dungeons full of elements await you. During continuous play, you will come to understand the world, and at the same time discover a fragment of an incredibly vast and often breathtaking world!
  • Fast and Efficient Combat
    Analyse the environment, and select the most appropriate counterattack. Choose from 20 classes, such as hunters, mages and wizards, or rangers and battles.
    Click here to view trailer
  • Learn More about the Arcane Table
    A concept that has earned recognition among the fantasy role-playing games. Examine the Arcane Table to learn more about the abilities of each element, and use these to enhance your character’s abilities and synergize with your allies.
  • Explore the World, and Leave Your Marks
    The Lands Between is a world where unreal battles and a journey are always waiting for you, but your companion, Locke, awaits you at the port of Everfall.
  • For more information,


    Elden Ring Crack Free For PC [Latest] 2022


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    Also check out the GameSpot review for the same game here:


    01.09.2011 23:51

    My full review is on IGN:


    01.09.2011 00:26

    Thanks for the tip!


    01.09.2011 01:06

    This is an AMAZING game I am enjoying it immensely. Just picked it up yesterday. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go ahead and do. 🙂




    01.09.2011 04:41

    It’s a beautifully crafted RPG and I am in love with all the artwork. It’s still in it’s infancy, but I recommend watching the gameplay videos and downloading it now while it’s still for sale on the App Store. Thanks for posting the review and keeping us up to date. I’m anxiously awaiting the release of Moana, but it’s also going to be a little late. Have you played it yet?


    01.09.2011 04:53

    This is an impressive game. I was lucky enough to play it at this years WMC. It’s an awesome game and


    Elden Ring Free Download [32|64bit]

    【How to play】


    • The Stick of Liberation
    The stick of liberation is a tool used to empower your weapon. When an enemy is defeated, your weapon becomes stronger.
    • The Ring of Governance
    The ring of governance is a physical item that lets you do special actions. The more rings you combine with another item, the better the effect.
    In addition to the tools, you can equip the weapons, armor and magic to your character’s hand as you like.

    Special Skills

    • Exalted Skills
    Exalted skills make your characters particularly strong and are available to nearly all characters.
    In order to learn various different combat techniques, you can pick and mix skills from the five different branches.
    • Evolutionary Skills
    You can use evolution skills by combining evolution points with skills.
    Once you have enough evolution points, you can create a new skill from the skill you want to evolve.
    • Mutation Skills
    You can use mutation skills by combining mutation points with skills.
    You can mix and match various mutations to create new types of skills.

    Skill System and Evolutions

    The skills in the game are grouped into five different branches; Str, Int, Mag, Dev and Move.
    Each branch has multiple skills, with a wide variety of powers, magic, and evolution options.

    The basic body and elemental power stat increases with each branch, allowing you to create a well-balanced character
    using the skills that you choose. However, along with the reward, there is a risk of being overpowered

    Your skills can evolve as you level up using skills and evolution points. The evolution points can be obtained in many ways, such as the experience of defeating enemies, collecting items, and even buying them from other players.

    Traps, Monsters, etc.

    From the beginning, enemies have been placed in various places in different orders. You can find gold and collect useful items to enhance your combat.

    You can use the battle settings in various ways, such as altering the number of monsters, adjusting the amount of loot, changing the range of the traps, and disarming the traps.

    Thanks to the introduction of multiple traps, you can destroy enemies more easily. You can use the traps to your advantage to create a strategy so you can conquer even the most difficult battles.

    ■ Dungeons

    The dungeons in the game offer multiple styles of battles, and each floor has its own goals, traps


    What’s new:

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    I like what I’ve read in the new book so far, but there a couple “flubs” that I need some clarification on regarding actual rules and how they might be interpreted in an actual play setting.

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    Download Elden Ring X64

    1. Use Winrar to extract downloaded files
    2. Use Iso2bcd to convert rar folder to bcd
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    4. Play ELDEN RING game!


    How to crack ELDEN RING game offline:

    1. Run setup.exe and login to you account
    2. Change your account password and change to Administrator
    3. Run crack.exe and complete it
    4. Run crack.exe again if you want to change account password


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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

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    To extract the crack file.
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    Freeport Port
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    There Are No Jacks Or Jills
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    Menacing Monsters
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    National Pregnancies
    A high rate of reproduction of the average citizen in order to offset the increased risk of certain diseases.



    System Requirements:

    Windows 7/8/10
    OS X 10.9.x or higher
    SteamID/account tied to your REQUIREMENTS account
    1080p max (1080p, 1440p, and 4K will be playable if the game is installed on a machine that supports the resolutions)
    2.5 GHz minimum (to run at 60fps on 1080p)
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: GeForce GTX 560 or Radeon HD 7870 or equivalent
    DirectX: 11



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