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Name Elden Ring
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1. System

* Story

A quest story of a mysterious, multilayered man and a girl who possesses a secret that must be protected.

* Create your Own Character

Expand the game with a variety of elements! Get customized and powerful equipment, armor, and magic.

* Battle System

A unique turn-based battle system with more than 30 types of attacks.

2. Gameplay

(1) A vast world full of excitement

* Over 1500,000 square miles with open fields, forests, hills, mountains, seas, rivers, and underground caverns! You can fully explore this world full of unexpected surprises.

(2) A variety of quests and battles

On your journey, you can explore the world with a variety of quests to complete. Or in the game’s many battles, you can fight through a variety of battles and encounter enemies.

* A unique story and unique world.

A high-quality, multilayered story is told in fragments across various maps, with a variety of different characters appearing.

* A variety of elements through battle!

Equip your character with powerful equipment, improve your stats, and learn useful skills to gain even more strength.

* A variety of campaign and single player modes!

In addition to the story mode, the game has a variety of campaign mode quests and single player mode maps.

* An online multiplayer network that allows you to connect with others.

In addition to single player and a variety of missions, you can play the game in online multiplayer with up to eight players.

3. Various characters

Seize the Elden Ring Crack Free Download and rise through fame and glory!

(1) Choose your character class: Warrior, Magician, Black Mage, Thief, Archer, Fighter, and Demon Slayer

The four classes of the Elden Ring Free Download RPG are each unique.

Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages.

* Each class has its own attacks

You can set your attacks in each class to your liking.

* Each class has a unique combination of weapons, magic, and combat skill

Each class has an unequipped weapon in addition to its equipped weapon.

* Each class can learn a variety of skills.

You can learn and improve skills in order to gain advantage in certain fields.

4. Graphics

(1) New


Features Key:

  • A Sword and a Bow Attack Specialization Options
    • Blade weapons can strike multiple enemies at once. The amount of damage depends on the weapon’s level.
    • Bow weapons are extremely powerful, and cannot miss. The amount of damage is equivalent to a cooperative fight with the party.
    • You can individually customize your weapons and equipment to craft your ideal composition.
    • The attributes of your equipment in addition to the weapon type and level can be customized.
    • You can raise the level and attributes of your Blade weapons to Great, Marvellous, and Incredible.
    • Bow weapons can be customized all the way to Legendary
    • Enchant weapons, which allows you to absorb the mystical power of the elements.
    • Use them to enchant weapons and discover their validity
    • Summon weapons to assist you
    • All weapons and equipment are crafted in a perfected state, and their materials become your exclusive property
    • You can freely craft your weapons and equipment.
    • Over 450+ items that increase the level of weapons, enchantments, and skills
    • Various companions and creatures
    • Customizable armor and gear
    • Improvement of skills
    • Improvements in attributes and level when changing items of your equipment or weapons
    • Various leveling-up items that give out characteristics based on the level of the weapons
    • A comprehensive healing system
  • Ranged attacks and expertise-based attacks (Steel, Hunter, Hunter/Ranged, Archer, Tank/Ranged, Spy, and of Mage)
    • A variety of melee and ranged weapon user specializations. You can freely change your weapon or expertize a weapon depending on your play style
    • Various characters can be freely equipped. Use characters to specialize into a particular role
    • You can freely change your character’s equipment
    • A variety of deep customization options including character stats and skills
    • You will become a hero in your own epic adventure that is a dramatic stage with a rich repertoire of action elements
    • You can freely open the skills that best suit your play style
    • Weapons crafted using an elemental power ingredient
    • The use of weapons enhanced with elemental power ingredients
    • Skills that can utilize elemental power ingredients
    • Various skills to develop your role as a hero
    • Various skills available in a wide range
    • Their abilities and variations are at your discretion
  • A rich reward system
    • Gain experience points for defeating monsters and defeating enemies.
    • Acquire skill points to increase the


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    Metacritic – Arashi – Ancore

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    Elden Ring Download

    Chapter 1: Learning the Basics of the Character System
    CHAPTER 1: Learning the Basics of the Character System
    1. What kind of character are you?
    2. Introduction to the Character Creation System
    3. The Attributes of the Player Characters
    4. The Statistics of the Player Characters
    5. Character Classes
    Chapter 2: Class Balance System
    CHAPTER 2: Class Balance System
    6. The Number of Class Types
    7. The Range of Class Types
    8. Class Balance System Conclusion
    9. Shortening the Waiting Period and Improving the Class System
    Chapter 3: Character Formation
    CHAPTER 3: Character Formation
    10. Class Multiplier
    11. Skill Multiplier
    12. Character Formation Conclusion
    13. Creating Your First Character
    2. Introduction to the Character Creation System
    1. What kind of character are you?
    1. What kind of character are you?
    1. Choose your character’s class
    2. Choose your character’s class
    2. Class Type
    2. Character’s Race
    2. Character’s Race
    2. Character’s Name
    3. Character’s Class (your first move)
    3. Class (Your First Choice)
    1. Choose your character’s class
    1. Choose your character’s class
    1. Choose your character’s class
    1. Class
    1. Class
    1. Class
    1. Class
    1. Class
    1. Class
    1. Class
    2. Your class is determined
    2. Class
    2. Class
    2. Your class is determined
    2. Class
    2. Class
    1. Your class is determined
    1. Your class is determined
    2. Class
    1. Your class is determined
    1. Your class is determined
    2. Your class is determined
    1. Your class is determined
    1. Your class is determined
    2. Your class is determined
    1. Your class is determined
    1. Your class is determined
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    2. Your class is determined
    1. Your class is determined
    1. Your class


    What’s new:

    Players: 1~4

    15,000 yen (taxes included) †‡≡
    Members of JAST present the main features of the game:

    ■ NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG Open World – A Vast World with Endless Excitement

    All of the action game doings would be taken place in the massive and incredibly diverse world in the Dungeons Between. The enormous world can be freely explored to discover a variety of situations scattered throughout the vast landscapes, and is continuously enlarged in mid-game.

    Adventure story by dividing screen-by-screen.

    “There isn’t a pause in the game, what’s more, even when you die, the world is left all be—” is what you have to say.

    You’ll have lots of game fun with the world as your playground…

    ■ A Vast World Full of Excitement

    Largest RPG game in the history of the console. The world is divided into different areas with your progress being saved. You will advance directly into dungeons to reach the goal, and no matter what the area, you can freely encounter and defeat all your opponents.

    Your character advances in direct correspondence with the world you’ve been playing. Along the way, your abilities and equipment remain intact, and your battle level rises, allowing you to become a more skilled adventurer.

    The gigantic world enables you to freely explore, discovering dungeons scattered within its vast expanse.

    The world is completely open with various dungeons and challenges to find, so if you can’t find a something and want to expand, you can go ahead and make use of the various terrain and design changes to accomplish your aims.

    ■ Original Online Play, Up to Four Players, and an Epic Drama, Crafted From the Brand New World

    As a true RPG, you can form diverse parties from up to four different characters, and carry out any kind of cooperative or non-cooperative play. The action part of the game features multiplayer, allowing you to carry out action games with up to four other friends.

    The online part features


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