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With Martha Corton Vinals, Samuel Benchetrit, Agatha Schlenker, Marie Coulangeon. Recorded five records. Thanks to this, among other things, she also became the first female soloist of the opera troupe to sing at La Scala.
In 1889-1890 she made her debut at the San Carlo Theater in the role of Turandot.
Fellini’s fateful meeting with Lillian Lamothe was one of the reasons why, in 1898, he left the opera and entered the Lyceum, where he met her. Liliane was an actress at the Paris Opera Bastille, and Fellinieri was one of her admirers. In 1899, Lillian and her chosen one got married, and she moved to Montevideo. Felligna was supposed to live next year in Paris, but returned to Italy, where he was appointed to the post of operetta prima donna at the La Scalia theater. Since women had no equal in the operetta, Fellinia, forgetting about his musical abilities, became the first female soloist in the history of opera. In Milan, however, things were much more successful – in 1901 he was awarded the first prize at the Liège Opera competition.
In 1911, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the La Scala theater, Lillian presented Fellinius with a diamond ring, which was a lucky talisman for him. After that, the idea was born to make the film “Fellini”, on which one of the early films of the director himself “Adventurers” was based. Especially for this role, Lilian recruited a special group of actors, which included Aldo Fabrizi, Giulietta Masina, Adriana Milice and Gloria Struve.
Lillian Lamoretti died in 1947 in Rome, where she came to visit her daughter.
Fellinia did not leave the stage in the early 1920s. He staged opera performances at La Fenice and La Maddalena.
In 1926, Fellina founded his La Frina theater in the vicinity of Montevideo, and became its first director.
The last performance that Fellinu staged was Verdi’s Rigoletto, which he wrote especially for the troupe of the La Madeleine Theater in 1931. He also starred in several short films for beginner filmmakers



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