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ASUS RT-N13U.B1 Wireless Router Utilities is a software application that comes bundled with a set of tools designed specifically for helping you render the installation and configuration of an ASUS RT-N13U.B1 Wireless-N300 Router.
It provides support for a feature that allows you to configure the router settings and another one for restoring device firmware.
Wizard-like approach
The utility adopts a wizard-like assistant which offers you guidance throughout the entire configuration process. This approach is suitable especially for less experienced users because are shown what to do in a clean and simple step-by-step order.
Follow the built-in instructions
ASUS RT-N13U.B1 Wireless Router Utilities gives you the possibility to configure your hardware by setting up several predefined parameters. You need to power on your ASUS wireless router and modem.
Plus, it is recommended to connect the router’s WAN port with the model using an Ethernet cable and connect your computer with the router’s LAN port using another Ethernet cable.
A suggestive image is also displayed in the main window for helping you get an idea about the connections that you need to make between the required devices.
IF there are more than one ASUS networking devices in your network, the application is able to reveal all of them in a list and allows you to configure the selected one. Plus, it reveals information about each ASUS device, such as device name, SSID, IP address, subnet mask, and USB device.
You may also refresh the list with all devices with a single click. The tool may ask for user login details (username and password) and lets you sign in via your ASUS Router Account credential parameters (username and password).
Tests have shown that ASUS RT-N13U.B1 Wireless Router Utilities carries out a task quickly and without errors. It is not a resource hog so you do not have to worry that it hampers the overall performance of your computer.
Final remarks
To sum things up, ASUS RT-N13U.B1 Wireless Router Utilities provides an efficient and straightforward software solution for helping you install and manage the ASUS RT-N13U.B1 Wireless-N300 Router.







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Access the user accounts of your computer in just a couple of clicks.
This software is a minimal, simple and easy to use utility that allows you to manage users accounts easily, configure user accounts policies, obtain shared folders information, logon hours and other users privileges.
You may have encountered on your system a slow behavior of Windows security dialogues. Perhaps, you want to get rid of this problem.
While Windows Alerts is an important feature of Windows, many users do not know how to set up this service correctly.
In order to change the settings, you need to start with something. Right Click on start, click Command Prompt, click on Run as administrator.
Type net stop billing and press OK.
Type net start billing, press OK.
Open Control Panel, double click on User Accounts.
Right Click on the ‘Windows Defender Security Center’ in the left pane, then go to Edit settings.
Select the ‘Change Account Settings’ tab.
Right click on your Microsoft account, then select ‘Remove and go to next setting’ and select ‘Remove…’.
Double Click ‘Notifications’, choose ‘Send no daily activity emails’ and click ‘OK’.
Click ‘Close’ and ‘OK’ to the CMD prompt.
Use this tool to fix blue screens of death, hanging windows, etc.
Enter the program name and click Enter.
Select the reason for the crash and click Fix it, if all goes well the crash will be fixed.
The user needs to have Administrator privileges.
After start or after shutdown the user account, the user does not receive the following messages.
“You have a new message”
“A new message has been received by your account.”
“A new message has been received by your account.”
These messages appear again.
Technical info:
This application checks out the saved passwords for all the users on the computer, and displays the credentials in the password list dialog box.
This tool is a complete batch file management tool. It also has a password recovery tool, and multiple network connection management utilities that check your Internet connection speed, outgoing and incoming traffic, and allows you to set up filters for your Internet connection.
Some of the files included in the package are:

Account Manager Crack+ License Key Full Download

(NOTE: Cracked Account Manager With Keygen is no longer supported with Microsoft Active Directory in Windows Server 2008. You can find existing instructions here, and it is recommended that you migrate away from Account Manager in Windows Server 2008.)
Account Manager helps administrators manage accounts in Active Directory. Account Manager provides the following features:
* Provides access to the user account management functions, such as enabling, disabling, and changing password, and locking/relocking the account. Account Manager also provides the ability to perform certain kinds of computer account tasks, for example: configuring computer accounts using Multiple Domain Controllers, modifying and extending computer accounts for automatic updates, and automatically renewing network logon sessions.
* Locks the user account with a strong password on a computer or on a domain controller. This is a required prerequisite to the setup of a standalone user account.
* Provides information about the groups and users on the computer, their existence on a domain controller, the existence of a roaming profile, and much more.
* Locks the computer, sets the computer’s local security policy, and (if the account is configured with Local Administrator access) also enables local administrators. Local Administrators are in a special context. They can administer a computer account while locked by performing local and domain account tasks. They can create custom groups and perform various other tasks.
* Performs automated tasks on all computers in a domain, including:
– Booting computers,
– Creating a local administrative account on each computer,
– Enabling the computers to start again after a system failure,
– Enabling the computers to start again after a restart,
– Automatically synchronizing computer accounts and settings,
– Changing computer account passwords,
– Enabling local administrators on the computer,
– Setting the computer to be a member of a particular group,
– Synchronizing settings for multiple computers to the domain controller, and
– Creating a roaming administrative account on the domain controller.
* Provides information about the domain and how it is configured for the computer.
* Performs various administrative tasks on a computer that requires Local Administrator access:
– Enables and disables Local Administrator rights for a computer,
– Sets the computer’s local security policy,
– Creates a computer account,
– Changes passwords of computer accounts,
– Locks the computer account and sets the computer’s local security policy,
– Performs other tasks that a local administrator can perform, and
– Sets the domain controller

Account Manager X64

This is the main account maintenance program for Winpopup LAN Messenger. It provides a graphical interface for managing all communications via Internet, intranet or local networks.
This program solves the problems with the Microsoft Outlook MAPI (Internet Messaging Application Program Interface) systems, which fail to work normally in various local networks.
Spyware BlockingDescription:
This program scans your computer for multiple types of spyware, including adware, browser hijackers and rogue anti-virus software.
Web Blocker Description:
This program implements the basic functions of a firewall (Internet, Intranet, LAN) and allows you to control the access to the Internet and Intranet.
Winpopup Server Components:
Web Server:
· Built-in Web Server that serves all standard files from the local computer.
· Non-encrypted HTTP traffic between clients, Winpopup LAN Messenger and other known IM programs, e.g. Instant Messenger (AOL IM, MSN Messenger, GAIM).
Messenger Server:
· Built-in Messaging Server that supports communication between clients, Winpopup LAN Messenger, OfficePopup client and other known IM programs, e.g. AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), MSN Messenger, Google Talk and GTalk.
· Non-encrypted TCP/IP traffic between clients, Winpopup LAN Messenger and OfficePopup.
RSS feeds generatorDescription:
This program shows an easy-to-configure page on the computer that will generate an RSS feed for an installed program. The RSS feed will be saved as a special RSS file and can be read using any RSS reader.
Winpopup e-mail account owner:
This program creates an additional e-mail account as a Winpopup e-mail account owner ( You can specify the desired mailbox name, the password for the mailbox, the format of the attached pictures in the messages, the priority of the accounts and the frequency of e-mail checks.
List of tasks:
· Creating Winpopup e-mail accounts
· Setting up Winpopup LAN Messenger
· Setting up OfficePopup
· Configuring the Winpopup application
· Applying changes and changes
· Applying changes
· Creating a netstat log file with Winpopup
· Freeing up memory
· Reinstalling Windows components
· Updating Intel x64-based computers
· Updating

What’s New in the Account Manager?

Account Manager is a program of account data that stores information about specific funds and the cryptocurrency portfolio that they maintain.
It is integrated with the client panel “*CryptoPortal”, which is available for free under a Creative Commons License.
Account Manager can record transactions that occur on your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Dogecoin wallets. Recordings may also be recorded on a blockchain via the program’s accompanying features.
These features can be used to view recent transactions, as well as exchange between different digital currencies and to display the list of all available transfers via the application.
In addition, Account Manager can set the limits and earning parameters for the corresponding wallets.
The application is completely free of charge for use and can be downloaded from its official website.
Account Manager features
View and exchange information from your wallets
Control your account settings from an intuitive interface
View recent transfers
Record transactions of different cryptocurrencies.
Set the limits of your wallets
Displays all transfers and their recording, allowing you to check them in real time
Allows you to make transfers between cryptocurrencies from the application
The application can be downloaded from its official website. In addition to providing the download link, the site provides security and anti-virus information to users.
Account Manager is available for download as a standalone application, Windows and MAC software applications.

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How to completely encrypt your Pdf without any security software

How to completely encrypt your Pdf without any security software

In this video we will show you how to how to completely encrypt your Pdf without any security software. It’s very use

System Requirements:

Minimum specs:
Operating System: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7
CPU: 2.0GHz or faster
RAM: 1GB or more
HDD: 64MB or more
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Screen Resolution: 1280×720 or more
Recommended specs:
CPU: 3.0GHz or faster
RAM: 2GB or more

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